1. Navigate to the CIB website www.cibeg.com, then click on 'Login' on the top right, then 'Business' then 'CIB Business Online'
  2. Fill in the username, password, and company ID fields that you previously received through CIB email
  3. Enter the OTP
  4. Click on “Sign in.”
No subscription necessary. You just need to be a CIB Business Banking client to benefit from the Professional Service Alliances program. If you are already a customer then you can apply online under “Professional Services” through the CIB Business website, or ask your Relationship Manager at the branch to submit your request.

Based on research, SMEs owners need many non-banking services to help them with their business growth plans and strategy. The Professional Service Alliances program aims to provide SMEs with any service from the following list at discounted prices that will add value to our clients and support them to scale their business:

  • Accounting and auditing
  • Tax consultancy and business planning, feasibility studies services
  • Leadership training and consultancy
  • Shipping and delivery services encouraging export business in Egypt
  • Marketing, PR and branding services
  • Legal advisory services related to business law
  • Marketing research services
  • HR consultancy and recruitment services for high end managerial calibers across all industries

Navigate to the CIB Business Online portal and enter your username and password and the company ID that you will receive through a secure email from CIB.You will need the following to complete your registration:

  • Username: You will receive your username in a secure email from CIB
  • Password: You will receive your temporary password in a secure email from CIB
  • Company ID: You will receive your company's ID in a secure email from CIB
  • OTP Hard Token: This will be sent to you with a CIB courier
  • Soft Token: This is an application under the name of "CIB Corporate OTP," which you can easily download from the Apple Store or Google Play. This is used to generate a unique, 6-digit one time password to be used when you are authenticating a transaction.
A: Call the Business Banking Contact Center from the registered mobile number, and select the pin from the nearest CIB ATM.

In case of advanced payment, these are the required documents:

  • The invoice
  • Transfer request should be executed

If the documents are received by the customer, they should be submitted with the IDC request. If not, the bank will contact the customer when the documents are received. (Bank details should be obtained and shared with customer's supplier to be able to send the documents to the Bank).

In case of sight/time IDC:

  • Proforma invoice
  • Shipment policy
  • Form 4 request

Required documents:

  • A recent commercial register (not exceeding 3 months)
  • Last year's financial statement (if available)
  • National IDs from every authorized signatories and partners / shareholders above 10%

If securing an LG against a cash cover:Ensure that the account has enough balance to cover the LG

If securing an LG against a TD or CD:The TD or CD might be assigned from a personal account or the company's account based on customer preference. (Personal account holder should sign the assignment request). The TD or CD should not be assigned to another product.

In case of an unsecured LG:Customers should have approved credit facility from the Bank first to apply for unsecured facilities.Please refer to Credit Facilities section here.

  • Send an email with your data to: cib.paynow@cibeg.com
  • Contact the Call Center at 0224565999.
Clients are required to sign a bank request form and provide a copy of their national ID, and needed documents. This can be submitted at any CIB branch or through the customer’s Relationship Manager. Companies must provide an information update form as per CPS registration requirements.
  1. Inquire through your Relationship Manager or visit your CIB branch and our team will assist you with the service application
  2. After filling it in, hand it to your Relationship Manager or to the team assisting you at the branch.
  3. We encourage you to contact us for help with filling in the application.Get an appointment with our team to activate the service for you and to provide you with required training.Contact our Digital Contact Center on 16644.
Please refer to your Relationship Manager, or visit the nearest branch to sign up for CIB Business Online by filling out the application form and selecting Corporate Download Portal.

There are many ways to learn how to use this platform:

  • CIB Egypt’s YouTube tutorial videos and presentations
  • CIB's on-demand in-house training
  • On-demand live WebEx and Zoom sessions
  • An on-demand appointment with the technical team.

For more details, please get in touch with your Relationship Manager or your e-business officer.

Your company’s authorized signatories must fill out and sign the account opening form and proceed with the standard account opening process.
  • Please check the "CIB Business Online - How to register OTP?" video on CIB Egypt’s YouTube page
  • Contact your relationship manager or call us at CIB Digital call center on 16644
A bank representative and a member of the e-Finance staff will arrange a meeting with the client. This meeting will take care of system implementation and training the client.
The system is up and running within 3-5 working days after the request is submitted and the copies of the national ID are provided.
The same working day or the next working day.
If it is the first time issuing an LG at the Bank, it could take up to 3 working days. If it is not the first time, it could take up to the next working day.
All CIB accounts are opened on the same or the next working day.
As many as the company requests.

We care Our dedicated team is committed to meeting your needs
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