Account application fees vary based on the account type. For more information, please click here.
Interest rates are based on the product you are applying for, for more details please call our call center on 16677.
You can apply through branches, our website or you can call our call center on 16677 for more details.
No, additional chequebooks are not free. Standard fees apply.
Yes, you just need to open a Business Banking account to be eligible for the PSA program.
Yes, both new and existing customers are eligible.
A: Yes, customers are limited to one debit card, but they can add several accounts on the same card.
Yes. Every card has a PIN code and it can be changed by the cardholder.
Yes, if you are interested in SME loan for women, please call our call center on 16677.
Branch access fees are applied to Easy Business account holders who execute transactions through branch channels rather than online channels and ATMs.
The CPS system is easy to use and has a friendly interface. The system is in Arabic and does not need the authorized persons to proceed with the payment (if requested by the customer). CIB’s GTB Governmental Payments Products Team and the e-finance company provide full training and support to help make your experience easier.

Considered one of the best digital platforms on a global scale:

  • Combines the complex formula of providing both maximum security through the OTP with extreme flexibility that allows you to access your account(s) using various devices, such as desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and others
  • Requires less fees and charges compared to manual transactions through the branches
  • Safer, and helps eliminate the risk of theft or data leakage during manual transactions
  • More efficient and timesaving as it allows you to finish your transactions anywhere, at any time without your physical presence.

Learn more about CIB Business Online here.

  • Helps improve informational organization
  • Elevates communication with customers
  • Provides advanced customer service and experience in the reconciliation process
  • Leads to improved analytical data and reporting.
  • A valid and recent commercial register
  • Audited financial statements from the last 3 years
  • Valid IDs for any owner with more than 10% of the shareholding structure and authorized signatories
  • Same day and instant transaction payment and settlement
  • Bulk payment and collection
  • OTP-based
  • Up to 4 customized levels: Maker, Reviewer, Checker, Confirmer
  • Installments:CIB credit cardholders can install purchases for predefined periods based on business needs.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion:Enables payment acceptance in the currency of the customer's card. Upon payment, the foreign credit cardholder will know exactly how much they will pay for the transaction based on the exchange rate announced and applied by CIB.
  • Merchant Portal:
    • Access all payment transactions through a user-friendly portal
    • Daily automated e-statements in varying formats
    • Easy reconciliationCall Center:Available 24/7
  • Commercial register,
  • Tax card,
  • Legal documents for opening an account.

Banker's Guarantee: 

- Agreement contract for Advance Payment LG) 
Government supplies undertaking (in case Foreign LG)

Import Collection: 
- Commercial invoice
- Bill of lading
- E-form 4 (if needed)
- Time undertaking form (if needed) - Customer Undertaking (once) • Free Market Undertaking (once)
- Government supplies undertaking (in case Time or sight IDC)         

Export Collection: 
- Copy of Shipping documents under the export collection(Original shipping documents to be stamped by the Branch)
- Undertaking related to the custom certificate (if needed)

Import Letter of Credit: 
- Proforma invoice
- Free market undertaking (if needed)
- Customer undertaking the importation purpose
- Advance payment undertaking (if needed)
- Advance payment SWIFT (if needed)
- Government supplies undertaking 

Customer should present any of the following documents:

  • Proforma invoice
  • Invoice
  • Claims, etc.

In case of the importation cases customer should sign the undertaking of importation to be attached with the advance payment transfers

Companies are charged a monthly subscription fee of EGP 100 per month. No other fees apply.

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