The receipt will only show the deposited amount with the denomination.
A GBNA ATMs can accept up to 120 notes per transaction.

It is the latest digital financial solution channel for CIB’s corporate and business banking clients. By unifying: Cash Management, Trade Finance, and the new Supply Chain Finance portal, it provides you with a flexible and secure online channel to help you run your daily business transactions efficiently.

It is the latest digital financial solution channel for CIB’s corporate and business banking clients. Through the portal, you can issue detailed transaction reports, SWIFT standard formats for your company’s transactions, benefit from Teller Extra Information and more.
Corporate Payment Services (CPS) is an online platform that enables your company to make a variety of governmental payments, including, but not limited to, customs, taxes, Unified Gateway and social insurance.
ePay is conducted through a CIB branch, which is less convenient because it will take more time and effort due to branch queues and will limit the time frame in which customers can complete transactions during working hours. CPS transactions can be completed online and processed 24/7, making it more convenient for the customer.
CIB provides you with online access to the Egyptian Automated Clearing House (EG-ACH) to execute all your domestic bulk payments, collections, and transfers.
There are no bank fees for this service. You only pay to the service provider the cost of the chosen service.
The daily deposit limit is EGP 100,000 per card.
The EG-ACH Direct Credit service is an ideal solution to execute your EGP bulk transfers, such as pensions, supplier payments, and salaries to all banked & un-banked corporate/ individual sector.
The EG-ACH Direct Debit service is a quick, easy, and convenient method of collecting cash in EGP, especially bulk collections such as bills, installments, insurance, university tuition fees etc.
Direct Debit allows the biller to collect and debit from customers any regular dues by providing a pre-authorization request from the client’s bank. The mandate is the written request signed by the client and verified by their bank to allow the biller to collect the installments, dues, etc.
To ensure transaction files are processed same-day, they can be submitted until 3:20 PM every day. Time is subject to change according to the regulatory instructions.

Pay Now provides different electronic payment methods:

  • Point of Sale (POS):
    • We provide state of art POS terminals, both desktop and portable, to serve your business requirements.
    • POS supports contactless features to enable a fast, secure, and convenient way to process transactions with a single tap.
  • E-Commerce Payment Gateway: Our E-Commerce service allows merchants to accept online payments quickly and securely by using any form of card payment for online transactions, whether it is through a website or a mobile application.
  • QR Code merchant: This service allows customers to scan QR codes and make payments.
Transactions can be completed within minutes as long as you have a CPS account with a sufficient balance.
Only cash deposits of the local currency (EGP).
  • Extra Teller Information Report: A specially designed tool to assist our customers in reviewing the deposited amount in their accounts with the full transaction details.Receive customized reports based on predetermined details built into the teller module, and details specified by the client and inputted by teller for every cash deposit credited on clients’ account(s).Example of the extra fields:
    • Depositor’s ID
    • Depositor’s Name
    • Depositor’s Email
    • Depositor’s Mobile Number
  • E-Statements: Extract online statements for company accounts from up to 7 years prior.
  • MT940 SWIFT Statement: MT940 is the standard structured SWIFT Customer Statement message
  • Liquidity Services:Inquire about your checks’ status by providing comprehensive postdated checks and ongoing check and follow up returned checks and its reasons reports to maintain the company’s liquidity and incoming cash flow.
  • Other Reports: Issue reports contain loan facilities, time deposits and loans.
Send an e-mail with the pending transactions details to Our team will investigate and closely follow up with your company until the transaction is successful.
You should send an email with the pending transactions and their reference numbers to or Our team will investigate and closely follow up with your company until the transaction is successfully confirmed.
Please send an email to for cash management transactions, for trade finance transactions or for technical issues.
Please communicate your issue to our teams by emailing

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