Features & Benefits You are offered payment acceptance solutions at competitive prices, minimized transaction fees, discounted bank products, interest rates on accounts and more

Check out the list below for more information on the features and benefits of your Merchant Bundle:

Merchant Bundle

Payment acceptance solutions with competitive prices

Eligibility for loans

Current Accounts with interest rate 

Free deposit cards and Visa Platinum debit card 

Discounts on checkbook issuance and check collection

Business support services provided by CIB Business Solutions

Discounts on digital channels subscription

Payment Acceptance Solutions

CIB provides additional value-added services & solutions to extend your sales and increase the traffic at your stores.

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The Merchant Bundle Packages

You can choose your bundle according to your monthly proceeds. Check the packages below to find out more about the benefits you’re eligible for.


Terms and conditions apply 
  • The company legal documents (Example: Commercial Registry)
  • Product application form
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