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Cash withdrawal fees applied to credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards since 16 March have been refunded.
Yes, to check debit and prepaid cards limits, please check the following.
No, The amendment only applies to the local cash withdrawal limits.

The card issuance/replacement fees are waived until 31st December  2021.

Afterwards, the following fees apply:

Cash Withdrawal FeesCIB ATMs:

  • FreeNon-CIB ATMs: Free until 31st December 2021

Reload Fees

  • CIB ATMs: Free
  • CIB Branches: EGP10
  • Supplementary fees: N/A
  • Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit: EGP10,000
  • Maximum monthly cash withdrawal limit: EGP50,000
  • Daily local cash withdrawal count:10 transactions
  • Monthly local cash withdrawal count: 30 transactions
  • Maximum daily purchase and E-commerce limit: EGP20,000
  • Maximum monthly purchase and E-commerce limit: EGP50,000
  • Maximum daily purchase and E-commerce count: 10 transactions
  • Maximum monthly purchase and E-commerce count: 30 transactions

The withdrawal limits for Meeza and ISIC have changed. While The usage limits for the other prepaid card has not changed.

For the limits:



Yes, This exemption is applicable locally until 31st December 2021

The new cash withdrawal limits are according to the card type in the attached table.

They will only be applied to cash withdrawals inside Egypt.

Credit cards

Debit and Prepaid

To check card limits, please click here.
The fees are waived until 31st December 2021
Yes, This exemption is applicable locally until 31 December 2021
The fees are waived until 31st December 2021
Yes, These new limits are applied to all ATMs within Egypt.
The number of withdrawals or purchases permitted has not changed. The details are shown here.
EGP 3,000
EGP 6,000

Yes, For debit cards and prepaid cards, the new purchase limit is (depending on the card type from the attached table).

For credit cards, you can use all of the available credit to complete purchases.

Credit cards

Debit and Pre-Paid cards

Yes. The maximum amount for a single contactless transaction has been raised without PIN from EGP300 to EGP600
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