Features & benefits Corporate Payment Services

Settle your company's taxes, customs and social insurance online!

One-stop-shop for all your company's governmental payments

  • Save time, money and pay instantly online
  • No installation required. CPS is accessible from any browser, from any device, 24/7
  • Get real-time updates on your company's due payments and settlements
  • All your payments are safe and reconciled and verified at all governmental entities 
  • View and print your payment receipts

    Your company will be able to make payments for:

  • Customs
  • Social insurance
  • Taxes
  • Unified gateway

    Security Control and the security of your information are our priority

    Life Goals Ways to Bank Online Banking One Time Password OTP
    Life Goals - Ways to Bank - Online Banking - Keeping your credentials safe
    Life Goals - Ways to Bank - Online Banking - Encryption
    Life Goals - Ways to Bank - Online Banking- Password Strength

    One Time Password (OTP)

    Authorize your online transactions with a one-time code for an extra layer of security.

    Keeping your credentials safe

    We make sure you change your passwords frequently on our online channels. Learn how to protect your password.


    We use a very high level of encryption to protect your information and your credentials are never stored.

    Password Strength

    We enforce strong password rules to make sure your passwords are the proper strength.
    How to register?


    Get in touch

    To join the service, contact your CIB relationship manager or visit the nearest CIB branch and our team will assist you.

    Fill the service activation form and bring your company documents

    We recommend you ask our staff to assist you in filling the service activation form. Make sure you have the needed documents of your company's social insurance number, a copy of its tax card, and a copy of the national ID or passport of the person that will be using the service on behalf of the company.

    Call us on 16644 and get an appointment

    Our dedicated team of digital experts will help you activate your account and provide you with training to get you started.

    Frequently asked questions

    Learn more about Corporate Payment Services

    Clients are required to sign a bank request form and provide a copy of their national ID, and needed documents. This can be submitted at any CIB branch or through the customer’s Relationship Manager. Companies must provide an information update form as per CPS registration requirements.
    A designated representative from your office will be granted access to the CPS web portal to handle your company’s governmental payments.
    ePay is conducted through a CIB branch, which is less convenient because it will take more time and effort due to branch queues and will limit the time frame in which customers can complete transactions during working hours. CPS transactions can be completed online and processed 24/7, making it more convenient for the customer.
    Terms and Conditions

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