Features & benefits EG-ACH Direct Debit/Credit

Get online access to the Egyptian automated clearing house and execute your bulk payments, collections and transfers instantly

A secure, online, and real-time experience

  • Same day and instant payments
  • Customized access roles to ensure proper review and approvals of transactions
  • Second factor authentication (OTP) to safeguard your accounts
  • Easily track payment and transaction statuses with our strong reporting tool
  • Cost-effective pricing, lower capped fees

    The quickest way to make your payments

  • Make accurate and timely payments of salaries, pensions or your company's suppliers between CIB accounts and other bank accounts
  • Load money to any wallet in Egypt
  • Recharge Meeza prepaid cards instantly, and use them to make transfers
  • Disburse payments through the Agricultural Bank by using only the national number cards
  • Make transfers to the accounts of the Egyptian Post and any other accounts in Egypt

    The easiest way to collect your cash

  • Collect your bills, installments, insurance or any other form of collections from any other banks to CIB
  • Directly collect from your company's customers' accounts from across a large network Egyptian banks

    Security Control and the security of your information are our priority

    Life Goals Ways to Bank Online Banking One Time Password OTP
    Life Goals - Ways to Bank - Online Banking - Keeping your credentials safe
    Life Goals - Ways to Bank - Online Banking - Encryption
    Life Goals - Ways to Bank - Online Banking- Password Strength

    One Time Password (OTP)

    Authorize your online transactions with a one-time code for an extra layer of security.

    Keeping your credentials safe

    We make sure you change your passwords frequently on our online channels. Learn how to protect your password.


    We use a very high level of encryption to protect your information and your credentials are never stored.

    Password Strength

    We enforce strong password rules to make sure your passwords are the proper strength.
    Frequently asked questions

    Learn more about EG-ACH

    • Same day and instant transaction payment
    • OTP-based
    • Up to 4 customized levels: Maker, Reviewer, Checker, Confirmer

    The EG-ACH Direct Credit service is an ideal solution to execute your EGP bulk transfers, such as pensions, suppliers, and salaries.

    The EG-ACH Direct Debit service is a quick, easy, and convenient method of collecting cash in EGP, especially bulk collections such as bills, installments, insurance, etc.

    ACH payments is executed now in Local currency and inside Egypt.

    Our teams are available via the below e-mails:

    For cash services: cash.management@cibeg.com

    For technical issues: GTS.SUPPORT@cibeg.com


    Below is an additional list of contact portals:

    Digital Contact Center: 16644

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