Letters of Guarantee

Advising and re-issuance of counter/incoming letters of guarantee - and similar guarantee products - for local beneficiaries

Letters of Guarantee and similar instruments are key for Egyptian corporations that routinely engage with global suppliers and contractors in various industries for projects requiring contractual commitments secured by appropriate guarantee instruments. 

Main features

CIB maintains a diverse global network of correspondent banks that issue counter Letters of Guarantee: bid, performance, advance payment, warranty and retention bonds, which require re-issuance through CIB to cover contractual commitments related to the beneficiaries' projects. CIB's core competencies lie in its ability to effectively price such contingent instruments and efficiently deliver the local LG to its beneficiaries to support their projects on time. Whether you are a correspondent bank inquiring about the possibility of issuing an LG or a corporate beneficiary, please contact the CIB correspondent banking team to answer to your questions.
Letter of Credit Confirmation

Main features

Confirmation of export letters of credit is an essential service provided to Egyptian exporters to help them expand and diversify their markets. Confirmation is a guarantee of payment for the benefit of the exporter and seller, it eliminates the risk of non-payment of the underlying trade transaction. CIB offers its confirmation of letters of credit services capitalizing on our diverse global correspondent banking network. CIB strives to maintain its service excellence through reduced turn around time and competitive pricing.
Trade loans
We provide financial institutions with a short-term liquidity management solution by refinancing your trade obligations.

Main features

Trade loans provide fast, flexible and simple financing mechanisms to suit all businesses

Funded Participations Under MRPA

Main features

This allows financial institutions to share their risk on a funded basis. This product also allows banks to diversify and manage their limits.

International Payments

Main features

FI cash products and services tailored to meet banks and clients’ unique needs, including:

  • Cross border payments - Nostro and vostro cash relation
  • MVTS and related payment network, portal relations, and commercial and interbank cash payments
  • Cross-border cash payments
  • Cash letters, outside collection and final payment guarantees
  • Digital solutions with correspondent banking network

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