Working capital and short term funding

We help clients in improving their balance sheet and financing their business growth through optimizing their cash flows. The bank helps free up funds caught in cleints’ asset conversion cycles to pay suppliers faster, improve their liquidity positions and reduce the cost of funding.


Main features:

Under working capital and short term funding, we offer the following products:

  • Overdraft
  • Contract finance
  • Supply chain finance
  • Receivables finance
  • Inventory finance
  • Post or pre shipment financing scheme
Trade finance

Through trade finance, we help clients negotiate favorable terms with their buyers and suppliers by protecting them from contract non-performance through a wide range of tailored products. Our import finance solutions offer flexible options for managing working capital and improving cash flow by bridging the gap between settlements with suppliers and payments from buyers.

CIB also helps clients gain more control over exports, improve cash flow and effectively manage risks associated with international trade through our export finance facilities.


Main features:

Through trade finance, you will have access to the following products and services:

  • Bid letter of guarantee
  • Performance letter of guarantee
  • Advance payment letter of guarantee
  • Warranty letters of guarantees
  • Standby letters of credit
  • Import and export letter of credit
  • Incoming and outgoing documents for collection
Medium term financing

Medium term financing provides funding opportunities for capital expenditures, project finance and acquisition finance that supports customers in achieving their target capital structure & caters to any investment opportunities.


Main features:

With medium term financing, you will gain access to these products

  • Finance Capital Expenditure
  • Acquisition finance
  • Capital finance
The Debt Capital Markets (DCM) offers a wide range of financial instruments and tailors financing facilities to cater to its customers' financial requirements. DCM specializes in underwriting, structuring and arranging medium and large ticket syndicated loans for green and brown fields projects. DCM has acquired a unique edge with its flexibility to structure hybrid transactions with senior and subordinated facilities combining different tenors and currencies to offer its clients optimum financing structures with maximum benefits. 

Main features:

DCM performs various roles such as pathfinder bank, mandated lead arranger and book runner to mobilize the required finance, locally or internationally, in cooperation with financial institutions, development banks, multilateral agencies and export credit agencies. Additionally, DCM acts as Financial Advisor by providing innovative financial solutions and leading the negotiations with all parties until reaching successful financial closures. Post financial closures, DCM continues to support its clients and ensure smooth operation by offering onshore agency services such as facility agent and security agent, to align with the lenders to govern the syndicated facilities throughout the lifetime of the transaction.

DCM also assumes the role of the onshore account bank and the custodian bank whenever required under any transaction.

Securitization is an asset-side form of financing, it's a process where homogeneous assets - mainly receivables - are transferred to an SPV as collateral for third party investment. It involves issuing debt securities, whose payments of principal and interest derive from cash flows generated by separate pools of assets.

Main features:

Originator’s perspective:

  • Increased financial flexibility and reduced credit exposure
  • Alternate or diversified funding source
  • Lower cost of capital and off balance sheet financing
  • Source of liquidity

Investor’s perspective:

  • Structuring features and portfolio diversification
  • Better security
  • Enhanced credit rating of underlying asset
  • Tax savings

An additional financing method offered by CIB to clients to sell their checks or receivables for cash at a discount

Main features:

  • Without recourse
  • Allows instant liquidity
  • Eliminates risk of foreign financial institutions

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