Be they large institutions or retail clients, CIB furnishes clients with unparalleled customer service offerings and innovative financial instruments tailored to their needs and risk appetites. Its dynamic business model and commitment to fully integrating superior technology into its products and services allow it to maintain its market leadership while generating mounting value for all stakeholders.

CIB serves an expansive network of retail customers, high-net-worth individuals, and enterprises and institutions that drive the Egyptian economy. With a well-established network of branches and banking units, CIB provides bespoke, client-centric services to clients in the corporate, commercial, retail, wealth, and small- and medium-sized enterprise spheres, while working to deliver the most streamlined, efficient banking service offering in the Egyptian market.

Institutional Banking

CIB’s Institutional Banking arm is the traditional growth engine of the bank.

The bank’s Corporate Banking and Global Customer Relations Group is widely recognized as Egypt’s preeminent corporate bank, serving enterprises ranging from industry-leading corporates to medium-sized businesses, while the Debt Capital Market division is an Egyptian industry leader in project finance, syndicated loans, securitization, bonds, and structured finance.

CIB actively participates in carefully selected direct investment opportunities in Egypt and the region and provides a diverse set of banking and financial services designed to suit the needs of banking and non-banking financial institutions. Through its Treasury and Capital Market division, CIB delivers world-class services in the areas of cash and liquidity management, capital markets, foreign exchange, and derivatives.
CIB is dedicated to servicing its prime institutional clients through the Strategic Relations Group, supplying customers with exclusive, personalized services, catering to their unique business needs. At the same time, CIB manages the Bank’s relationship with strategic governmental and large enterprises through its Enterprise and Governmental Relations Group, which provides first-class services to top-tier local and regional companies under state-owned enterprises, governmental entities or sovereign authorities.

The bank’s Global Transaction and Digital Banking Group manages all corporate and consumer digital channels to fully integrate the Bank into clients’ daily lives. It develops simple, reliable, and consultative digital experiences that meet customers’ needs anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
Retail Banking

CIB’s Retail Banking division portrays the long-haul story of financial inclusion.

The Consumer Banking division is the core engine to CIB’s dynamic service offering, providing a broad range of retail clients in different customer segments with an extensive bundle of products and services tailored to satisfy their needs. These products range from personal to specialized lending solutions, cash management services to credit and debit card offerings.

The Business Banking segment serves over 54,000 SMEs through a network of over a hundred experienced relationship managers. The division works with clients across the industry, providing market-leading services and innovative, bespoke solutions for small and medium enterprises a sit works to cement CIB’s position as a bank of choice for business owners.
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