​Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB), the leading Egyptian private bank, received 12 international awards from prestigious organizations in 2017, in recognition of the bank's best-in-class services and outstanding banking performance.

Over the years, CIB-Egypt has been well positioned as a local bank with global standards, which enabled the bank to excel and compete, not only locally but on the regional and international levels.

Backed by its dynamic balance sheet management, consistent operational efficiency, visionary approach and customer-driven core banking strategy, CIB-Egypt was named the "World's Best Bank in the Emerging Markets" by Euromoney; the first bank in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa to receive this award, despite not being global in scale. In selecting CIB, Euromoney testifies no bank in the emerging markets performed better than CIB-Egypt, and often in a difficult environment. Furthermore, Euromoney awarded CIB-Egypt "World's Best Bank in the Middle East" and "Best Bank in Egypt" in recognition of its consistent growth and performance, outstanding capabilities, strength and stability.

Moreover, CIB-Egypt received five awards by Global Finance engulfing "Egypt's Best Financier", "Best Cash and Treasury management in Egypt", "Best Foreign Exchange Financier in Egypt", "Best Stockbrokers in Egypt" and "Best Bank in Egypt". Also, four other awards by EMEA Finance, comprising of "The Best Bank in North Africa Cash Management Services", "The Best Foreign Exchange Bank in North Africa", "The Best Local Bank in Egypt" and "The Bank's Most Innovative Bank Award in Africa" were awarded to CIB.

Such achievements and international recognitions is a testament to the bank's solid foundation.

"Winning these awards does not only position the Bank in the forefront, but it also serves as a testament to the stability of the Egyptian Banking sector and affirms its positive economic development plans." said Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, CIB Chairman and Managing Director.

CIB is always committed to providing a sophisticated banking experience and innovative approaches to its customers through continuous development of services and products. The bank focuses on the needs of current and future customers, as well as the Bank's strategy of high flexibility, commitment to risk management and continuous pursuit of a healthy financial position. ​

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