Commercial International Bank – Egypt (CIB), the country’s leading private sector bank, has become the first Middle Eastern company to be analyzed in a case study conducted by the Leadership Institute of the London Business School (LBS) — one of the world’s top five business schools. CIB was selected in recognition of its data-driven, human-centric approach to leading transformation in the face of macroeconomic challenges.

LBS hosted CIB Chairman and Managing Director Hisham Ezz Al-Arab in a special event titled “Leading Transformation in Turbulent Times: In Conversation with Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB)” for an extensive look at the case study and its findings. The event allowed Ezz Al-Arab to give LBS an exclusive take on how CIB has created value for clients, shareholders, and society through investing in data and talent.  

“We are​ proud to be selected by LBS’s world-renowned Leadership Institute for the case study and to have the opportunity to present the findings at the LBS event,” said Ezz Al-Arab. “Above all, the process has reinforced the fact that companies in Egypt must focus on using rigorous data analysis to assess customer needs and develop tailored products to satisfy these needs,” he added. 

Ezz Al-Arab continued: “Both the case study and the event are not only a recognition of the significant efforts of the CIB team, but an international testament to the outstanding capabilities and competences of Egyptian organizations in the face of adversity.” 

“The event was a great opportunity to share our strategy for driving innovation in Egypt with international audiences. We will continue to engage with all our stakeholders and rely on our analysts as we execute this next phase in the bank’s growth story,” said CIB Chief Data Officer, Islam Zekry, who has spearheaded this project from the onset.

Going forward, CIB will remain committed to utilizing data to transform its operations while staying true to its core values of transparency, perse thinking, and a human-centric approach. As Egypt’s leading commercial bank, CIB aims to continue playing a significant role in reshaping the financial landscape in Egypt and the region.

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