​In line with the “Different Abilities Partnership” initiative to discover and support the talents of young Egyptians with special needs, Commercial International Bank – Egypt (CIB) sponsors the “Language of Colors”, an art exhibition for “Persons with Mental Disabilities” that is held in association with Sawy Culture Wheel.

During this art exhibition, participants from over 10 NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization ) in Greater Cairo participate by their authentic, creative art pieces. The “Language of Colors” exhibition symbolizes a great opportunity to all Egyptians with mental disabilities to reveal their talents and compete with peers through their artworks. This exhibition does not only shed lights on the fascinating talents of persons who succeeded to overcome their disabilities’ constraint, but it also raises awareness about endowed Egyptian artists who need encouragement and support to further develop their talents and be integrated in the society.

Over the past three years, this art exhibition was held by Mrs. Nani Saleh, Honorary President and Co-Founder of The Right to Live Association, whose voluntary activities to support  the mentally disable people in Egypt have been ongoing for more than 35 years. Mrs. Nani Saleh has been keen to provide monetary awards to the exhibition’s first three winning places, in addition to certificates to all the participant NGO's, as well as to each and every artist who contributed in the exhibition. This year’s exhibition is organized by CIB-Egypt in partnership with Sawy Culture Wheel, which cooperatively expanded the reach of the exhibition to accommodate more artists from different NGOs.

It’s worth mentioning that this art exhibition is one of the main projects sponsored by CIB-Egypt, in the context of its initiative of “Different Abilities Partnership” that was launched at the beginning of 2015, as part of the cooperation between Sawy Culture Wheel and The CIB Foundation to sponsor the cultural and artistic activities offered to Egyptian children. This initiative discovers and supports the unique talents of children with special needs, which characterize them from their peers. This then explains the objectives of CIB-Egypt’s sponsorship of the art exhibition “Language of Colors”, which is building upon the success of the Different Abilities Partnership and expanding its reach to broader spectrum of artists with special needs. 

Moreover, a number of CIB-Egypt employees participated in painting the classrooms walls at a school for students with special needs and drawing some cheerful paintings, which added beautiful artistic touches to the kids' classes, grabbed their attention and drew a smile on their faces.

From the other side, the Bank organized a trip for 50 orphans kids to the entertaining city of Kidzania. Kids spent an exciting day in this city, during which they enjoyed Kidzania's different activities and they were thrilled by trying various jobs in an educational, entertaining manner.​

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