​In line with the Bank’s commitment to provide a perse bouquet of innovative banking products that satisfy the customers’ needs, the Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB) released a new-tiered competitive rate of its EGP saving account reaching up to 12.5%, along with a host of other distinctive benefits.

CIB Saving Account is characterized by the flexibility of interest payment frequency, including daily, monthly and quarterly interests, which suit all customers’ requirements. The daily-tiered interest is calculated on the daily closing balance and credited monthly to customer account, while the monthly and quarterly tiered interests are calculated on the lowest credit balance and credited either monthly or quarterly as per the customer’s preference.

Moreover, to encourage customers multiply their savings, CIB-Egypt offers higher interest rates for higher saved amounts, in addition to a wide range of benefits, including safe deposit box and free insurance packages, such as educational allowance, and home insurance.

This new competitive rate evidences CIB-Egypt’s ongoing efforts to support the financial inclusion in the Egyptian society, as the new saving account contributes to attracting the segments of unbanked citizens to better invest their savings and enjoy different banking products and services.

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