​No success occurs haphazardly.. This quote applies to Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB), which does not solely focus on the organization achievements in Egypt as well as in the Middle East and Africa, but it also devotes a high commitment toward the ones bearing the responsibility to realize these successes, who are CIB-Egypt employees. The Bank’s strategy excellence and commitment toward its employees have always generated positive returns in terms of outstanding performance and recognition from reputable organizations, such as Asian Banker which granted CIB-Egypt the “Best Employee Engagement Initiative  in the Middle East” award.

Asian Banker clarified that one of the criteria choosing CIB-Egypt for this award is the Bank’s ongoing drive to instill among its employees characteristics their commitment to the organization, go the extra mile and realize successive organizational achievements as a team. In addition, the Bank is keen to develop the employees’ skills and competences, and motivate their efficient engagement, through measuring the employees engagement by conducting periodical external surveys and internal focus groups, based on which the Bank analyzes the results and formulates action plans to improve areas of weakness in the action, if any, and develop the skills of workers.

Asian Banker confirmed that according to opinion polls and surveys, CIB staff are proud to work for the organization ad would recommend it as a place to work. The Bank also offers rewards and incentives directly linked with performance, which means that everyone is in a race with success and excellence.

Commenting on this win, Mr. Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, Chairman and Managing Director of CIB-Egypt said, “This specific award evidences the Bank’s well-established working principles, which revolves around the vital notion of teamwork in the context of a clear strategy. He added that human resources come first in the Bank’s list of priorities, being one of the integral assets of CIB-Egypt. We believe that human capital is the most important element in the series of successful achievements, which should be well maintained, sustainably developed and stimulated to keep working as a team, because together we can provide the best to our customers and realize communal records.

It’s worth mentioning that the evaluation of Asian Banker to select winners included over 100 institutions from the Middle East and Africa across 30 different countries. A stringent three-month evaluation process based on a balanced and transparent scorecard has been used to determine the winners.

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