Being a devotee to all distinctive talents across Egypt and in the context of its continuous enthusiastic commitment towards the community, Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB) has proudly sponsored the artistic show  "Days and Nights of the Heart Tree", held at the Cairo Opera House and performed by the distinctive orchestra of El Nour Wal Amal; the musical team consisting of blind Egyptian women.

The Bank's sponsorship aims to support gifted women who challenged their disability, excelled their talents and have become a real inspiration, not only to the whole Egyptian community, but also an exceptional musical icon on the international scene.

Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, CIB Chairman and Managing Director said, "The marvelous musical team of El Nour Wal Amal is the pride of every Egyptian. It has succeeded to impress the world through their distinctive talents. Challenging their circumstances is a lesson for all of us in perseverance and determination to achieve our dreams, despite difficulties. The success of this team is the best proof that who has the will can break down any barriers."

The preparation for this performance was held over the course of seven months, during which the orchestra of El Nour Wal Amal conducted their rehearsals for mastering the musical notation through the Braille technique. The "Days and Nights of the Heart Tree" is composed by the French-Algerian composer and writer Tarik Benouarka, who dedicated his symphonic artwork to the El Nour Wal Amal, describing this orchestra as the first of its kind worldwide.

Hisham Ezz El-Arab added, "Our support for the team is in fact our duty to encourage those unique talents and commitment, as organization and inpiduals, towards them. It is our honor to sponsor the team and motivate them to achieve more success and glamor."

It's worth mentioning that the El Nour Wal Amal orchestra will start a worldwide tour to perform in Paris, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, then they will head to Belgium, Switzerland and Tunisia.

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