​In the context of the leading role of Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB) as a pioneer in supporting sports in Egypt, CIB announced in a press conference its partnership with Wadi Degla Clubs by sponsoring Darwish Squash Academy. The conference was attended by Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, CIB Chairman and Managing Director, Hussein Abaza, CIB CEO and Board Member, Moataz El Etreby, CEO of Wadi Degla Clubs, Captain Karim Darwish, Sports Director at Wadi Degla Clubs and Ali Farag, winner of the US Squash Open Tournament.

Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, CIB Chairman and Managing Director commented on the new sponsorship signing, “Over the years, CIB has been committed to support Egyptian talents across different fields, including sports, which is rooted in our firm belief that sport is an integral part of the Bank's social responsibility and commitment to Egyptian youth.”

Ezz Al-Arab added, “We are proud of our commitment over the years to encourage the young Egyptian athletes, who represent Egypt in regional and international sport forums, especially in squash and to share the achievements of internationally ranked players through the sponsorship of the Egyptian Squash Federation for more than six years. The sponsorship of Wadi Degla Clubs’ Darwish Squash Academy is a complementary step to the Bank's progress in supporting young talents and continuing its pioneering role in this field.

Moreover, Moataz El Etreby, CEO of Wadi Degla Clubs stated, “This specific sponsorship highlights the success of the academy to develop champions who are able to compete in various international tournaments. The sponsorship will help Wadi Degla Clubs provide more support to these champions, based on the belief that Egypt has a lot of sporting potential and talent.”

“I am proud of this important sponsorship as CIB has a clear vision to support and develop squash in Egypt and will work to highlight the new talents that will contribute to the development of sports in the future and increase Egypt's accomplishments of international tournaments as well,” El Etreby added.

As for Captain Karim Darwish, Sports Director at Wadi Degla Clubs, he expressed his happiness with the support of CIB and this shows their interest in supporting the sports sector and the Egyptian sports talent, which is in line with the vision of Darwish Squash Academy and Wadi Degla Clubs.

CIB is Egypt’s largest private sector bank and the world’s best bank in the emerging markets. Over the years, CIB maintained its steadfast commitment to community development through perse initiatives and programs that span fine arts, music, social care, and sports, and have a profound impact on the lives of its community by encouraging active participation in society and nurturing Egyptian talents. Focusing on sports, CIB launched many initiatives and development programs, including “Squash for Everyone” that aims to provide equal opportunities for children with special needs and less fortunate to enjoy sports facilities, and support them to discover and develop their athletic abilities. The objective of these activities is to have a positive impact on society and to encourage active participation, support and sponsorship of Egyptian talents.

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