​The Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB), one of the largest banks in Egypt and the Best Bank in the Emerging Markets, and one of the leaders in issuing payment cards and acquiring services, received the ‘PCI Security Certificate of the Global Payment Card Industry, Security Standards Council, Level 3.2 (PCI-DSS)’ by Trustwave; one of the world-leading qualified security assessors; in partnership with SecureMisr

PCI-DSS 3.2 is a data security standard for organizations that handle branded payment cards from the major card schemes. Its goal is to increase security measures to protect customers’ private information, printed on the card, or stored in the card’s magnetic chips, from merchants and other service providers involved with the payment card processing. In this regard, CIB-Egypt uses PCI-DSS to ensure the implementation of standard security procedures and appropriate technologies to prevent theft of cardholder data. 

CIB-Egypt received the certificate after successfully completing a comprehensive physical attestation, and demonstrating compliance to one of the stringiest and most rigorous security standards in the world. This only adds to CIB’s journey of trust with its valuable customers, by maintaining a dominant position in the banking industry and guaranteeing safe and cashless transactions. 

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