​Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB) replaced its traditional lighting systems with new LED technological techniques across its branches, which resulted in saving an average of 40% of its electricity consumption, and hence, supporting the national energy conservation strategies​.

Decreasing CIB’s energy consumption is rooted in the Bank’s unwavering commitment towards the environment, society and the economy. CIB-Egypt rationalizes the use of its environmental resources for the benefit of the country and new generations. Curtailing energy consumption is one of many green initiatives round the Bank, such as waste management, reduction of water and paper usage as well as decreasing the CO2 emissions to reduce our ecological footprint and join the international community in addressing climate change.

The first phase of the project was launched in the CIB Merryland Branch, in association with the Ministry of Electricity & Renewable Energy within the context of the Energy Efficiency Project funded by the UNDP, and the Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE). The LED lighting systems resulted in positive results in terms of savings and short payback period. This provided a tangible evidence of the technical and economic feasibility of the project. The second phase was hence expanded to include 160 branches in Greater Cairo and other Governorates. CIB-Egypt’s energy project is the first of its kind in the Egyptian banking sector. This can have a useful ripple effect not only for energy consumption rationalization, but also to advance raising public awareness and motivation of citizens to contribute to the conservation of natural resources. 

Measuring the effectiveness of this initiative; results revealed that the average saving rate is 40% monthly and that the estimated annual saving is to reach 11.2 million kWh.

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