​In line with its strategy supporting the national drive towards a cashless society, the Commercial International Bank – Egypt (CIB) contributes to the media campaign launched by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), to promote electronic payments and support financial inclusion in the society.

The CBE’s campaign aims to create awareness about the benefits of mobile payments and the advantages of using e-wallets. In this regard, CIB-Egypt has been providing a wide-ranging bundle of e-banking services and products, which offer customers secure, convenient and modernized solutions that enable them to fulfill their needs, such as through CIB Smart Wallet. Launched in January 2016, this e-wallet revolutionizes traditional payment methods by providing a mobile app that offers easy, secure daily payments over the mobile phone. 

CIB Smart Wallet allows its customers to carry out multiple functions while on the go. Through simple steps, they can load their Smart Wallet directly by depositing money from their accounts using a debit, credit, or prepaid card, and use the electronic cash balance to make payments; including bills, ticketing and mobile phone recharge. Besides paying bills from a single location, its most important function is money transfer whereby people can transfer money between each other directly and immediately through their e-wallet. A customer can also withdraw money from the wallet, through any CIB ATM, or through any of CIB’s agents. Further, the wallet can be used for purchasing from merchants that offer a MasterCard Mobile Misr Logo. CIB Smart Wallet also caters to online shoppers providing them a secure method to purchase online using its secure Virtual Online Card for those who purchase Facebook ads or purchase goods and services over the Internet; a perfect companion if you a customer does not have a credit card.

As part of this campaign, CIB-Egypt is offering the CIB Smart Wallet at 50% discount off its regular fees for the next 6 months and signing up for the service is free of charge at any CIB branch or CIB agent. CIB-Egypt is also proud to announce higher limits for its wallet with the wallet capable of conducting transactions up to 6,000 EGP per day and can carry up to 10,000 EGP.

Being committed to providing an outstanding, innovative banking experience to its customers, CIB-Egypt maintains its leadership in the digital payments area, and mobile banking in general, by investing heavily in its digital platforms and IT infrastructure, adopting latest technologies and offering best-in-class services and products. Having mobile phones at the center of our daily lifestyle, CIB-Egypt is continuously focusing to bringing financial services to the mobile phones, which is the Bank’s prime goal. To this end, CIB-Egypt has been persifying its digital banking offering, which includes but not limited to, the Internet Banking, Mobile Banking application, a wide network of ATMs distributed across the country… etc. Such services do not only empower customers to easily perform their daily transactions and payments, but they also support the financial inclusion in the society by catering to different needs of customers, including the unbanked citizens.​

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