Commercial International Bank (CIB), Egypt’s leading private sector bank, announced the extension of its partnership with Egyptair for an additional five years. The renewal was officially unveiled during an event held at the Mohamed Ali Palace and attended by CIB Chief Executive Officer Hussein Abaza, President of Egyptair Holding Company Ahmed Adel, in addition to senior officials from CIB, Egyptair, and Mastercard. The partnership renewal was signed by CIB Chief Executive Officer of Retail Banking Ahmed Issa and Egyptair President Ashraf El Kholy.

The five-year renewal stems from CIB and Egyptair’s commitment to providing current and future CIB-Mileseverywhere cardholders​ with a bundle of exclusive benefits and privileges created specifically to cater to their travel and shopping needs. 

“We are proud of our relationship with our national carrier and extremely pleased to renew the Mileseverywhere program which serves both our customers and the Bank. This partnership, which will be renewed for five more years, is a testament to the success of the fruitful partnership with Egyptair. This program is the only one of its kind in Egypt and was designed specifically in partnership with Egyptair, to enrich the travel and shopping experience of CIB customers,” said Issa. “We also take pride in the trust customers place in us and therefore strive to expand the scope of our products, services, and benefits they receive when banking with us. Specifically, through forging relationships with strategic partners such as Egyptair to encourage customers to fly our national carrier,” he added. 

"This cooperation is an important step in the company's development and modernization strategy. We are currently working on upgrading our fleet by introducing new aircrafts offering the highest level of luxury and comfort to our customers. Additionally, we are expanding our network to enhance our presence throughout the world,” said Capt. Ahmed Adel, President of Egyptair Holding Company. “We are thrilled to cooperate with a leading Egyptian bank like CIB; working tirelessly to provide new banking services and help develop the Egyptian banking system all while putting the customer at the forefront.”

“Egyptair continues on cooperating with leading entities in various fields to provide our customers with a comprehensive service offering. The renewal will enable us to provide more benefits to existing customers and attract new ones for both Egyptair and CIB. We are combining the benefits of CIB credit cards and those of the Egyptair Plus Frequent Flyer program in one card which offering free miles with every use, whether in Egypt or abroad,” Adel went on to say. “Thanks to this partnership, Egyptair was able to hit 40,000 new customers in four years, and we hope to reach more in the coming period, as we are currently coordinating further cooperation with CIB.” 

Through its exclusive CIB-Mileseverywhere credit cards​, CIB is the first bank in the Egyptian market to issue co-branded cards with unique benefits and privileges such as welcome miles, miles awarded on purchases, complimentary access to Egyptair lounges, additional free luggage allowance, priority check-in, discounts on Egyptian duty free, discounts on the required miles for redemption, and more. 

According to Issa, in 2018 Mileseverywhere cardholders received 494 million miles, and CIB aims to double the number of customers travelling through this program in the coming period.​​ CIB is renowned for its loyalty programs; in addition to the CIB-Mileseverywhere credit cards, CIB also offers the BONUS program that allows customers to redeem points with a variety of options to suit their needs such as e-vouchers to shop from a wide network of merchants, cash-backs, and charitable donations.

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