The foundation’s contribution aims to provide adequate pediatric health services and improve the health system in Upper Egypt.

Cairo, Egypt –- Commercial International Bank Foundation (CIB Foundation) has funded the development and operation of the first pediatric neurosurgery center at Aswan University Hospitals, at a total cost of over EGP 9m. The center, which will treat about 800 children annually, officially opened on 26 October 2022.

The opening was attended by Major General Ashraf Attia, Governor of Aswan, Professor Ayman Osman, President of Aswan University, Professor Mohammed Zaki Al Dahshoury, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, in addition to Ms. Nadia Hosni, Secretary General of the Commercial International Bank Foundation, Eng. Sherif Al Saeed, Managing Director of the CIB Foundation, and Ms. Login Hussein, Senior Program Planner at the CIB Foundation.

The foundation also contributed to the establishment of the first pediatric neurosurgery center in Upper Egypt,  which comprises an intensive care unit (ICU) (six beds), a medium care unit (six beds), and an internal section (10 beds). The center is equipped with two ultrasound devices, one for neurosurgery and the other for the ICU. The ICU is equipped with its own sanitizing device as well as ventilators, the latest monitoring devices, and state-of-the-art IV pumps. The ICU also includes a faculty room, a secretary room, a resident doctor's room, and a nurses’ room.

“It is of utmost importance to upgrade the health system at Aswan University Hospitals, which have witnessed the expansion and development of various specializations, to provide better medical services to patients in Aswan and other governorates in South Upper Egypt,” Professor Osman said. “Under this genuine partnership between CIB Foundation and Aswan University, Aswan University Hospitals are working to provide support to various pediatric health services, particularly neurosurgery, an intricate and rare specialization in Upper Egypt. To accomplish this, we help alleviate the burden placed on families most in need in Southern Egypt governorates. This reflects the extent of the efforts exerted by Egyptian institutions and civil society organizations to support the state in providing a decent quality of life, especially in the health sector, and achieving the best therapeutic outcomes and global cure rates,” he added.

“CIB places great importance on serving underprivileged children and providing them with the best health services and allocates 1.5% of its net annual profits to this purpose,” Eng. Al Saeed said. “I’m pleased with CIB Foundation’s role in equipping and operating the first neurosurgery center in Upper Egypt, which is a great step toward achieving Egypt’s vision to develop the health sector and provide decent lives for all children in Egypt,” he added.

This collaboration attests to CIB's commitment to serving and developing communities through supporting and enhancing medical services, which in turn improves social conditions and advances pediatric medical care services. To that end, the Bank allocates 1.5% of its net profits annually to serve children from birth up to 18 years of age. 

CIB Foundation has received many prestigious awards from many prominent institutions, in recognition of its corporate responsibility activities. It plays a leading role in supporting the state’s efforts in the health sector, especially for Egyptian children who suffer from inadequate medical services and financial resources, as well as children in Upper Egypt outside Cairo and Delta who suffer from an extreme shortage of medical services as a result of the shortage and scarcity of pediatric neurosurgery centers in Upper Egypt, causing a significant burden for children and their families.


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