​In line with its commitment to public health issues, and its support of Egypt’s youngest generations, the CIB Foundation is proud to celebrate the inauguration of the Emergency Unit and Reception Area at the Abu El Rish El Mounira Children’s Hospital. 

In 2013, the CIB Foundation allocated EGP 10 million for the complete renovation and outfitting of the ground floor Emergency Unit in the children’s hospital, in partnership with the Friends of Abu El Rish Children’s Hospital Society. 

The hospital currently treats 94,000 patients annually, with cases varying from outpatient treatment to emergency surgical intervention. In order to continue to provide this wide range of services in the emergency unit, necessary renovations and upgrading of the building infrastructure, as well as general services, were required. 

In order to provide quality care to incoming patients, the project involved restructuring the areas to streamline movement and operations, providing services such as lab work, x-rays, and blood transfusions at high speed and efficiency, establishing reporting mechanisms to facilitate accurate diagnoses, fully equipping the unit to handle high-risk cases, and providing intensive care areas inside the emergency ward. 

The year and a half-long construction project saw the overhaul of the central oxygen system, installation of sterilization sinks and air condition units, and establishment of a nurses station and central monitoring station. The Emergency Unit now includes a four-bed special care unit, eight-bed short stay area, two-bed resuscitation room, x-ray areas, check-up and triage room, steam therapy unit, procedure room, laboratory, and waiting areas for both patients and families. 

The Emergency Unit and Reception Area at the Abu El Rish El Mounira Children’s Hospital was inaugurated on March 18th, 2015. This is the third mega project that the CIB Foundation has partnered with the Friends of Abu El Rish Children’s Hospital Society. The EGP 6 million intensive care unit in the El Mounira Hospital was opened in February 2012, and the blood diseases clinic was opened in April 2013.

The CIB Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing health services for underprivileged children in Egypt. Established in 2010 and registered with the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity under the number 588 for the year 2010, the CIB Foundation is allocated 1.5% of Commercial International Bank’s annual net profit to put towards comprehensive community development projects. 

The Friends of Abu El Rish Children’s Hospital Society was established in December 2003, and is registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity under the number 5440. The mission of the Society is to promote the three Abu El Rish hospitals, including the El Mounira Hospital, Japanese Children’s Hospital, and the Preventive Care Center. The Society’s goals include improving patient care through doctor and nurse training, offering preventive medical care, and raising the efficiency of laboratories, especially those focused on genetic diseases. 

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