​In line with its commitment to offer innovative services and products creating a unique banking experience for its customers, Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB) continues to lead in the Digital Banking offering and introduces new, updated mobility solutions that revolutionize the daily banking pattern.

CIB-Egypt is the first bank to offer an ultimate security experience using the CIB OTP Token mobile applications, which allows customers to securely transfer outside own accounts. The advantage of this solution is that CIB provides the token in its soft version instead of the traditional token devices. This means that customers can ensure higher security measures while performing a third party transaction by just using their smartphones to get the OTP Token code instead of carrying an additional hard token device, which customers might not always remember to carry around like their mobile phone. This makes the money transaction process more convenient, easier and more secured.

In addition to this kind of higher security measures utilizing the OTP Token, CIB Internet Banking uniquely offers the ability to access related accounts (Joint, Minor or Grant) and the ability to save beneficiaries for a later usage, and saving the hassle of inputting frequent beneficiary details every time. This in addition to a wide variety of secured financial services such as inquiries on balances and transactions of accounts, credit cards, deposits, loans and investment funds, as well as easily performing several financial transactions and electronic requests.

Introducing CIB OTP Token​ application comes after the successful launch of CIB Smart Wallet application that offers unique financial services to both CIB and non-CIB customers including inpiduals with no bank accounts. For instance, person-to-person transfers can be carried smoothly with no need to have or open a bank account, as money can be transferred by just using mobile phone numbers and withdrawal or deposits through the Bank's ATM network, or through CIB Smart Wallet agents available at all Fawry outlets. Such step is considered vital as it expands the scope of the financial services to reach the unbanked customers and cover them under the banking system umbrella, facilitating their every day's financial routine.

This along with the other benefits provided by CIB Smart Wallet for the first time in the market, including generating the secured one-time Online Card valid for only 24 hours for online purchases and allowing users to buy from a merchant that accepts mobile payment using the QR code technology. Smart Wallet users can also save a list of favorite bills so that users can perform frequent payments such as the mobile bill, or a mobile number top-up, electricity bill, home phone bill or ASDL internet service, without the need to input the mobile number or bill reference every time. Besides, CIB Smart Wallet is the first to provide the cash withdrawal feature, using the Bank's large network of over 660 ATMs.

All these developments and releases were carried conjunctly with the continuous upgrade and revamp of some of CIB's existing electronic channels, such as the Phone Banking service. It witnessed a recent upgrade, offering many new features as the automatic customer recognition by his/her registered phone number, as well as offering a quick flash balance feature for an easy inquiry without asking the customer to wait and perform many choices on the phone.

These latest updates and developments of the new, persified electronic services reflect the Bank's strategy to keep up with the quick path of the digital channels development on the international level, which leads to the evolving demands of customers in the Egyptian society. This strategy aims to empower people to live the life they want by empowering them to bank on their terms and make the service easy and simple.​

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