​Chairman and Managing Director of Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB) Mr. Hisham Ezz Al-Arab won the Euromoney’s Award for Excellence for “Outstanding Contribution to Financial Services in the Middle East” in 2016. Mr. Ezz Al-Arab was honored for his distinguished achievements and eminent records, managing Egypt’s leading private bank for 15 years and transforming it from a wholesale lender into the full-fledged financial institution it is today. 

In his speech during the special ceremony held in Dubai, on June 1, for distributing Euromoney’s 2016 Middle East Awards for Excellence, Mr. Ezz Al-Arab expressed his gratitude for receiving this prestigious award. “While this award means a great deal to me personally, it says more about the contributions that Egypt is making to the financial services sector in specific, and to the region as a whole,” he said. “I am especially gratified that the international community has recognized the high caliber of financial talent, expertise and capability in my country.”

Euromoney’s Award for Excellence evidences the distinctive leadership of CIB Chairman, under which the Bank bolstered its leading position in the market. It also recognizes his pioneering vision that transcended financial performance to include the adoption of best practice in corporate governance, and risk management and the buildup of a modern banking culture.

Mr. Ezz Al-Arab attributed these achievements and records to CIB team, confirming that the formula of success lies in the hard work, integrity, dedication and commitment of every CIB member. “Whether it is creating new financial products, setting new performance records, entering new businesses, developing the technology to address growing consumers’ needs, CIBians have driven the Bank’s achievements.”

CIB-Egypt wins Euromoney’s “Best Bank in Egypt” award 

CIB-Egypt reaped the “Best Bank in Egypt” in 2016 award, granted by Euromoney Awards for Excellence. Despite the strong competition in this dynamic market, CIB-Egypt evidences its leading position in the market, being the #1 Egyptian private bank, in terms of profitability, revenues, market capitalization and deposits market share. The award was granted to CIB-Egypt, in recognition of its outstanding performance, noting that the Bank concluded the year of 2015 with distinguished records, achieving EGP 4.7bn in net income and EGP 10.2bn in total revenues that is higher than any other Egyptian private sector bank.

It is worth mentioning that Euromoney Awards for Excellence incorporate 25 global awards for banking and capital markets; and awards for the best banks and securities houses in almost 100 countries around the world. They are granted to institutions and inpiduals that demonstrate leadership, innovation, and momentum in the markets in which they excel.

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