​In the context of its commitment towards the society and the development of young talented Egyptians, the Commercial International Bank – Egypt (CIB) has supported the Egyptian entrepreneur Omar Samra in realizing the historical record of becoming the first Egyptian to achieve the “Explorers Grand Slam” challenge; an accomplishment realized by only 40 people throughout history. Samra raised the Egyptian flag along with CIB flag on the northernmost point on the surface of the Earth in recognition of the bank’s supportive role.

The CIB partnership with Samra, which started in December 2014, reflects the leadership of CIB in developing the outstanding talents of ambitious youth and the commitment to providing much needed support. CIB is keen on playing its role in supporting, endorsing and paving the way for such talents, who will be building Egypt’s future.

“CIB, being one of the leading banks in Egypt, has fundamental commitments towards the society and youth development. This is the core for country’s development on all levels and we should all invest in our talented Egyptian youth and acknowledge that they are the driving force of our economy and prosperity”, said Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, CIB Chairman and Managing Director.

Samra succeeded in crossing 111 kilometers and skiing to the last degree of the North Pole; which lies in the middle of the frozen Arctic Ocean. This was Samra’s last step in the “Explorers Grand Slam” challenge; which is the feat of climbing the 7 Summits and skiing to the North and South Poles. Samra, 

who has already completed the 7 Summits Challenge in June 2013, succeeded to ski the last degree of the South Pole last December after a 14-day trip, crossing 111 kilometers across Antarctica.

It’s worth mentioning that CIB has been launching and implementing several initiatives to solidify its goal of supporting the Egyptian youth development. Recently, the bank sponsored the third round of the cultural event “Salon Al-Ganoub”, held in Luxor and launched an art initiative in cooperation with the Faculty of Fine Arts in the South Valley University. CIB acquired 40 art pieces by the faculty students and graduates to be added to the bank “Art Collection”, as an encouragement to further develop their unique art talents and generate more distinctive pieces. CIB had also organized a cultural trip for 60 public schools students to the Cairo Opera House, in the context of its initiative to develop young students’ aesthetic sense through fine arts and music, which shape the minds of new generations. All these initiatives and more reflect CIB’s leading and positive role in community development; and in particular the Egyptian youth.

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