​In line with Commercial International Bank – Egypt’s strategy to safeguard the environment and natural resources, as well as the rationalization of energy consumption, Commercial International Bank – Egypt appointed Summit Egypt Company for Solar Energy to install a solar power plant for the Bank’s main headquarter at Smart Village. The newly installed station, which contributes to reducing the electricity consumption,  is the first of its kind in the Middle East region, in terms of its latest technologies and advanced techniques.

Eng. Mohamed Al-Sokkary, Head of Projects at Summit Egypt Company, stated that the roughly EGP 3.5 million-solar energy plan will generate electric power at a rate of 148 thousands kilowatt/hour annually. He also clarified that the company installed solar glass panels that allow the complete light penetration, are compatible with the building aspects in accordance to the latest technologies and have an estimate lifespan of 30 years.

Al-Sokkary added that the utilization of polycrystalline in the 13mm glass panels, on both sides, in addition to the  power transforms were implemented in collaboration with Germany’s SMA Solar Technology Company.

On the other side, an official source at Commercial International Bank – Egypt stressed that the idea of employing solar energy instead of electricity in the Bank’s headquarter is aligned with the Bank’s policy with regard to sustainability and preservation of the environment, which reduces the pressure on the national electricity grids through using alternative, innovative and advanced channels.

According to the source, Commercial International Bank – Egypt is the first bank in Egypt to implement such a project, which generates many positive returns on the society, adding that it supports the national drive to promote the new, renewable energy projects.

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