CIB is now the only representative of Egypt's private sector to become a member of the Digital Economy Task Force (DETF), a joint venture between the African Union and the European Union to achieve cross-border integration and cooperation across Africa. 

The DETF brings together stakeholders from government, civil society, financial institutions and other segments to further reinforce the development of policies and recommendations, reinforce synergy between initiatives and create coordination structures on national, regional and continental levels. With the DETF, we are going to actively participate in promoting improvements under the four main pillars of establishing a digital economy. As the fastest growing adopter of digital transformation, we believe it is necessary to further support Africa on its transformational journey by providing universal access to affordable broadband, guaranteeing essential digital skills to all citizens, boosting digitally enabled entrepreneurship and optimizing its digital economy to achieve its sustainable development goals. 

Our new role cements CIB's position as a leader in the development of the financial sector and its digitalization. Through this, we will collaborate with the DETF in promoting trans-border integration, and in turn, play a pivotal role in Africa's full digital transformation to ensure better lives for citizens across the continent.

For more information on the DETF, please visit the link below:

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