Commercial International Bank – Egypt (CIB) started a series of free seminars entitled "Financial Planning for Safer Future", in cooperation with 

El-Sawy Culture Wheel, with the goal of increasing the financial awareness and highlight the role of banks in society and its importance for inpiduals, in addition to spreading the financial inclusion concept that is currently supported by the Central Bank of Egypt.

The initiative consists of holding a series of seminars that tackle various topics about the financial sector, including for example, financial planning for inpiduals, lending, saving and investments and general financial tips. The first two seminars about the general  financial planning and the one for inpiduals were held last October.

The two seminars witnessed a significance attendance of citizens who were keen to ask their questions and inquiries about the banking sector. The third seminar about "Lending" is scheduled to take place on November 8th at El-Sawy Culture Wheel with free admission for all.

It's worth mentioning that CIB-Egypt has led several initiatives under its partnership with El-Sawy Culture Wheel, with the aim of serving and developing the society, including the "Different Abilities" innovation for children with special needs, which was launched as part of the partnership between CIB-Egypt, El-Sawy Culture Wheel, and the CIB Foundation to sponsor the cultural and artistic activities that are offered to Egyptian children through exploring the unique talents of children with special needs in the field of creative arts, and supports them to further develop their talents.​

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