Transaction limit: 50,000 EGP

Daily limit: 60,000 EGP

Monthly limit: 200,000 EGP

Each account has a unique IPN PIN across different apps
Member banks of the Instant Payment Network are integrated into the network to accept and execute customers’ instructions, based on their authorization. They are also licensed by the Central Bank of Egypt to allow InstaPay to process customers’ transactions.
No, data privacy restrictions prevent InstaPay from storing or having access to your bank account data, which is only denoted by a reference number, while the actual account number is stored at CIB.
All your bank accounts and Meeza prepaid card funds belonging to one of the network’s banks.
Both your balance and mini-statement are considered confidential data. Thus, InstaPay has no access, rights or ability to obtain or store them. The customer can check his balance and access the mini-statement upon his approval and request.
Please contact the bank and provide the customer service agent with the transaction reference number to track your transaction
Whenever a transaction is declined on InstaPay, CIB will automatically reverse the transaction to your bank account immediately. In case the transaction is not reversed, pleasecontact CIB’s customer service at 19666 and provide them with the transaction’s reference number to track it.
Please contact CIB’s customer service at 19666 and provide it with the transaction ID, so it can be investigated. Please note that all rejected transfers will be reversed instantly.
You need to make sure that the mobile number used during registration is the same number registered to your accounts. If not, you might need to visit the bank and update your information. It could also be that your bank does not permit your account type to be listed on IPN.
The money you will receive will be sent to your chosen default account.
Please contact your bank and provide the customer service agent with the transaction ID to investigate the matter.
If the transaction status on InstaPay is “successful,” this means that the amount was successfully credited to the beneficiary’s account. Please provide the beneficiary with the transaction’s reference number to check the issue with their bank.
There is no limit to how many of your accounts you can link. However, all the accounts you want to link must have the same mobile number registered to them or they will not show in your choices.
You can send money from any of your linked accounts. You will be asked to select the account you want to send the money from before the transfer.

You should give permission for sending SMSes by following the below steps:

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Select “Applications”
  3. Choose “Special Access” from the side menu
  4. Select “Use Premium SMS Services”
  5. Select InstaPay’s icon
  6. Click on “Always Allow”
  7. Retry sending the SMS
Each app allows you to create one IPA for each account, which means you can have any number of IPAs based on the number of accounts you have at different banks and the number of IPN apps used.
Once your mobile number is verified, select your bank account, add your account, set your IPA and set your IPN PIN.

Please share the transaction details, including the transaction ID, with the bank to check the transaction status and investigate the matter.

Please provide the beneficiary with the transaction details, including the transaction ID, and ask them to also check with their bank and investigate the matter.

CIB is always responsible for securing and overseeing your account. Proper authorization from the customer is required to allow CIB to process the transaction.

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