For your protection and security, you cannot reset your PIN code through an ATM. In this case you need to contact CIB at 19666.
Yes, you can set or reset your debit or credit card PIN.

Yes, you can:

  1. Simply click on the account you want to set as the source account for the scheduled transaction,
  2. then click on the round orange icon. Click on “Scheduled Transactions”,
  3. then “New Standing Order”. Choose your preferred type of transaction, whether to one of your accounts, a 3rd party account or to your own credit card,
  4. then fill in the required payment details and click “Next”. Y

our scheduled transaction will be saved and you can access it again in the same place if you need to edit or delete it.Please note: In case of setting up a transaction to a 3rd party account, you will have to enter a 6-digit OTP.

Yes, but the OTP service is required.
Yes, through the cash deposit machines with a maximum deposit limit per day of EGP 20,000.
Yes, by choosing the deposit option on the ATMs, which support Deposit or Forex.
Generally, yes. Obtaining a CD or TD with CIB will allow the bank to extend your credit of up to 95% of the value you put into the CD or TD, while leaving the CD and TD there earning interest. There are a few matters that can make a difference here, so please talk to a banking professional to tell you exactly how and what happens.
Yes via phone request. To inquire or request cash via phone please call 19666.
Yes. You can transfer money between your accounts, other CIB accounts/credit cards on your beneficiary list, as well as other institutions outside the CIB.
Unfortunately this is not applicable.
Meeza cards operate on a local network, so it can be used on the local websites in Egypt and can't be used for international transactions.
Yes, You can.
Yes, customers can use debit cards abroad.
The Mobile Banking service is available outside Egypt. We recommend that you check your roaming coverage and charges prior to your travel date.

No, the Online Card expires 24 hours after when it is issued.


No, the Online Card will expire immediately after your first purchase transaction or after 24 hours from the issuance date.

No, the OTP you receive is for one-time use only, and only valid for 30 minutes.
Once you have added your related account to your Internet Banking, you can use the same OTP token app for both accounts.

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