Unfortunately not. These types of cards are authorized by the company for deposit purposes only.

Yes, through the following these steps:

  1. From the Wallet application on your mobile, select "ATM Cash Out"
  2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, followed by your Wallet password, in order to receive an OTP.
  3. On the ATM, select "Cardless Services"
  4. On the ATM, select "Smart Wallet"
  5. On the ATM, select "Cash Withdrawal"
  6. On the ATM, enter the registered mobile number
  7. On the ATM, enter the OTP received from your Smart Wallet application
  8. On the ATM, enter the amount to be withdrawn.

You can go to any Authorized Banking Agent to withdraw money from the Smart Wallet:

  1. Go to the nearest CIB Smart Wallet dealer service
  2. Select "Agent Cash Out" from your Smart Wallet application
  3. Enter agent number (Five digits)
  4. Take the agent number from the agent in front of you
  5. Enter the amount you need to cash out
  6. Confirm and enter your password. Your transaction will then be successful
  7. Please inform the agent of the transaction’s reference number
  8. The agent will enter the reference number into the POS and will print two receipts
  9. Please take the cash and a copy of receipt. 

Through CIB ATMs: 

  1. From the wallet application on your mobile, 
  2. Select "ATM Cash Out" and enter the amount to be withdrawn, followed by wallet password to extract an OTP.
  3. From the ATM, select "Cardless Services"
  4. Select "Smart Wallet"
  5. Select "Cash Withdrawal"
  6. Enter mobile number
  7. Enter OTP extracted from your Smart Wallet application
  8. Enter amount to be withdrawn. 
  9. Your transaction will then be successfully executed. Please proceed to take your cash.
No, currently Meeza cards cannot be linked to Smart Wallet. We will announce when this feature will be available.
Yes. For security reasons, if a customer enters a wrong password three consecutive times, the Wallet will be locked.If this happens, you will have to call the call center at 19716 to reset your password.
No, the Online Card can only be used online.
No, Meeza cards cannot be issued for companies. It only issued to Egyptians 16 years old and above.
Yes, we offer Balance Transfer Facility on the total customer balances including loans, according to the customer Debit Burden Ratio (DBR).We offer zero administration fees on the Balance Transfer Facility.We offer a payment break option where customers can scape the first installment and start paying in the following month.
All benefits accrued under the program by the primary or supplementary cardholder will be given to the primary cardholder.

Yes, you must have the cost of the card request fee and desired purchase amount in your wallet before requesting the card.

Yes, you need to have an account in order to get your loan disbursed. This will be used for paying the loan installments.
Meeza prepaid cards do not require a CIB bank account.
Your participation in the program is automatic and FREE with no need to subscribe.
• Yes, for collection only. Not for immediate credit and CIB does not sell.
Yes, both life insurance and property insurance are available during the loan repayment period. For more information, click here.

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