No, Meeza cards cannot be issued for companies. It only issued to Egyptians 16 years old and above.
Yes, we offer Balance Transfer Facility on the total customer balances including loans, according to the customer Debit Burden Ratio (DBR).We offer zero administration fees on the Balance Transfer Facility.We offer a payment break option where customers can scape the first installment and start paying in the following month.
All benefits accrued under the program by the primary or supplementary cardholder will be given to the primary cardholder.
Only Easy Business customers have to pay branch access fees if the executed branch transactions can be made through online channels or ATMs.
Yes, all signatories must sign the forms at a CIB branch with CIB staff present.

Yes, you must have the cost of the card request fee and desired purchase amount in your wallet before requesting the card.

Yes, you need to have an account in order to get your loan disbursed. This will be used for paying the loan installments.
Meeza prepaid cards do not require a CIB bank account.
Your participation in the program is automatic and FREE with no need to subscribe.
• Yes, for collection only. Not for immediate credit and CIB does not sell.
Yes, both life insurance and property insurance are available during the loan repayment period. For more information, click here.
Yes, CIB Private has a range of investment products between mutual funds and private portfolio services that we offer to our esteemed Private customers.
For a better user experience, we recommend that you use the application on a mobile device. You can access Internet Banking from your tablet’s browser.

Yes, the recipient needs to have an active mobile wallet account.

In case the customer is transferring to a person who does not have a mobile wallet, the app will notify the sender that the number he/she wants to transfer to does not have a registered mobile wallet, and the application will request confirmation for the transaction.

For Ameen users only: If the sender confirms the transaction, the recipient will receive an SMS informing them that money is being sent to them, along with a link to download the Ameen application to receive the amount. The recipient must register to and activate Ameen within a maximum period of 30 days to receive the amount. In case the recipient doesn’t register to Ameen, the amount will be automatically refunded to the sender after 30 days.

The issuance fees are EGP 15 and will be deducted automatically after the first load.
The application process is the same as a normal CIB account application. The authorized signatories must visit the nearest branch in order to fill out the needed documents, including the account opening form, debit card form, GTS subscription form, etc.
Visit or call EgyptAir call center at 1717.
Using the CIB Mobile Banking application, you can access your personal accounts quickly and easily, but navigation and addition of related accounts are only available through Internet Banking. You can, however, add the accounts as beneficiaries and enjoy transferring to them through Mobile Banking.
Once you have your Related Accounts added on the Internet Banking, simply click on “Related Accounts” in the main menu and the list of your related accounts will be presented. Click on the “Access Account” button next to the required account to access it.

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