1. Navigate to “Payments to Others”,
  2. Go to the beneficiary you want to edit and swipe right,
  3. Edit and delete buttons will appear
  4. Click on the required action.
  1. From Internet Banking Home Page
  2. “Money transfers”
  3. “Charity Payments”.
  1. From the Internet Banking Home Page
  2. “Money transfers”
  3. “Transfer between your accounts”
  4. Select your source and destination accounts and click on “Next”
  5. Revise the payment details then click on “Transfer”.
To exit the Related Account, simply click on the “Exit” button in the orange box appearing at the top of the page and you will be back to viewing your account.

From the Internet Banking Home Page:

  1. Click on the account you want to export, click on “View More”
  2. Click on the “Transaction History” tab
  3. Click on the export icon at the top corner, name your file and choose the desired format then click “Export”.
  • From the transaction history page, you will find an “Export” button on the bottom right side of the page.
  • Enter a valid email and your PIN to export the transaction history, either to print it or use it for future reference.

Customers can find their card dues via CIB call center, Phone Banking, Online Banking or the nearest CIB branch, noting that all customers receive a monthly SMS with the amount due before the due date.

This can be done through the “User Requests” found under the “Requests” tab where you can view all your submitted requests and check their status (Pending, Approved or Rejected), view their details and receive additional feedback regarding any request.
  1. Select “Generate an OTP” on the ATM screen
  2. Your OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS
CIB wealth customers can receive a complimentary Wealth Platinum debit card at issuance.Plus customers can apply for CIB Titanium debit card.
If you don't have your own FFN once you apply for CIB EgyptAir credit card we create an FFN.
You can join Overseas Banking by opening an account with CIB and meeting eligibility criteria of CIB Wealth or CIB Plus.
  1. From the Internet Banking Home Page, click on the desired account then click on “View More”
  2. Click on the “Transaction History” tab and select the “Label” tag for the transactions
  3. Click on “Label” next to each transaction to label it by creating a new label or selecting from an existing set of labels you have created before.
Through Ameen’s tutorial videos.

The first time you download the application, you can watch tutorials on the different services provided by the Smart Wallet.To learn more, log into your wallet, click on the side menu icon, then select “Service Information”.

You will find a description of each service, its fees, and a URL link to its educational video.

You can also visit the CIB website (www.cibeg.com) for more information.

Customers can load the card via ATMs only. Meeza prepaid cards do not accept transfers (including internet banking) and cannot accept deposits via branch teller.In special cases, Meeza prepaid cards accept ACH transfers from CIB accounts only.
  1.  Through any ATM in Egypt (cardless services):
    •  Log in to the Ameen app and choose “ATM Deposit/Withdrawal,” then “ATM Deposit,” and enter the deposit amount
    •  Ameen will generate an OTP to be used in the cash deposit transaction
    •  Tap the “Cardless Services” tab on the ATM’s screen
    •  Select “Mobile Wallet”
    •  Choose “Deposit”
    •  Enter your wallet number
    •  Enter the amount you wish to deposit
    •  Enter the OTP given to you through the application on the ATM
    •  A message will appear confirming the transaction and you will be able to check your balance.
  2.   Through any Authorized Banking Agent outlet:
    •  Log in to Ameen and choose “Agent Deposit/Withdrawal”
    •  Choose “Agent Deposit”
    •  Enter the deposit amount and your PIN
    •  Ameen will generate an OTP to be used in the cash deposit transaction
    •  Head to an authorized banking agent
    •  Inform the agent that you need to load your wallet and provide the agent with your Ameen wallet number
    •  Pay the desired amount
    •  The agent will choose “Mobile Wallet” then “Load Wallet” on their POS machine and then enter your wallet number and the desired amount
    •  Enter the OTP to authorize the transaction
    •  A receipt will be printed. You will receive a notification confirming the transaction and providing you with its details

To protect your information, you will be required to enter your password every time you log into the app.

The password you create should not contain sequential or repeated digits. If you enter an incorrect password three consecutive times, your account will be locked, and you will need to contact customer service to reset it.

Enter your PIN upon opening the application to use your wallet.

The PIN ensures the safety and security of your data.The PIN you create should not contain sequential digits or repeated characters (the maximum repetition allowed is two times).

If you enter an incorrect PIN three consecutive times, your wallet will be locked and you will be required to contact the call center to reset it.

Tap on the Ameen logo on the top-left corner of the homepage, select “Log out” then “Confirm” to log out.

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