From the Internet Banking Home Page:

  1. Go to “Requests”
  2. Click on Update Contact Information
  3. Fill in the form with your updated contact information
  4. Enter your 6-digit OTP to submit your request.
Customers can update their data from outside Egypt by going to the following link: and print a KYC form, enter the appropriate information, and add your signature to the bottom of each page.Submit it to a CIB representative at any of our branches, or send it by mail to either your branch or to P.O. Box 2430 Al Ataba, marked with your branch name.
Please contact CIB Call Center operating 24/7 on 19666 or visit the nearest CIB branch to haveyour mobile number updated on the banking system.

Through the Smart Wallet application:

  • Select Fawry Services.
  • Select your desired service and biller.
  • Enter the subscriber/reference number (or you can select the subscriber from your contact list).
  • Select the desired amount (in case of mobile recharge) or select Confirm (in case of bill payment).
  • Enter your wallet password.
  • Your transaction is complete.

First, check if this Merchant has a meeza Digital logo.

Merchant-initiated Payment:

  • Ask the cashier to make a purchase using their QR code.
  • On your Smart Wallet application, select Purchase from the homepage menu.
  • Select Scan Merchant QR and proceed with scanning the merchant’s QR code.
  • The payment details will appear on your application (merchant name, transaction amount, etc.). Confirm the payment.
  • Your transaction is then completed. The merchant will provide you with an invoice.


Customer-initiated payment:

  • Ask the cashier to purchase using your mobile wallet and ask for the 9-digit ID number.
  • On your Smart Wallet application, select Purchase from the homepage menu.
  • Enter the nine-digit merchant number.
  • Enter the bill number. (Optional).
  • Enter the desired amount to be paid.
  • Enter your wallet password and press Confirm.
  • Your transaction is complete. The merchant will receive an SMS detailing your payment details.


Request-to-Pay feature:

  • The merchant will send you a request-to-pay notification on your mobile with the transaction details (merchant details, transaction amount, etc.).
  • Review the transaction details.
  • Enter your wallet password and press Confirm.
  • Your transaction is then transferred to the merchant successfully.


  1. From Internet Banking Home Page,
  2. Click on the account you want to view then click on “View More” for more details.
Simply click on the account you wish to view. You can track an account's activity up to the past three months.
You can view your account details by clicking on the specified account, then “View more” and choosing the “Account Details” tab where you can find the account number, account type, status, open date, balance and your customer number.

From the Internet Banking Home Page:

  1. Click on “Historical Statements” in the main menu
  2. Go to “Account Statements”
  3. “Choose your desired account”.

From the Internet Banking home page:

  1. Click on “Historical Statements” in the main menu
  2. Go to “Card Statements”
  3. “Choose your desired card”.
From the Internet Banking home page, click on your preferred card and your activity will be displayed.
  1. Click on “Profile”
  2. Choose “Transactions log”
  3. You will view all transaction history.

Authorized Banking Agent:

You can go to any authorized banking agent to withdraw money from the Smart Wallet.

  • Go to the nearest CIB Smart Wallet banking agent outlet.
  • Select Agent Cash-out from your Smart Wallet application.
  • Enter five-digit agent number (provided by the agent).
  • Enter the amount you want to cash out.
  • Confirm and enter your password.
  • Your transaction will be completed.
  • Please inform the agent of the transaction’s reference number.
  • The agent will enter the reference number into the POS and will print two receipts.
  • Please take the cash and a copy of receipt.

Through ATMs:

  • From the wallet application on your mobile, select ATM Cash-out and enter the withdrawal amount followed by wallet password to extract an OTP.
  • On the ATM, select Cardless Services.
  • On the ATM, select Smart Wallet.
  • On the ATM, select Cash Withdrawal.
  • On the ATM, enter mobile number.
  • On the ATM, enter the OTP extracted from your Smart Wallet application.
  • On the ATM, enter amount to be withdrawn.

Your transaction will then be completed. Please take your cash.

Once you confirm the transaction, you have the option to send an SMS message to the recipient notifying them that the money has been transferred to their wallet. The recipient should check their balance before and after the transaction to ensure they received the money.
  • Call: +20 1022881110
  • Email:
  • Visit:
  • Download the Mastercard for You app to find out more.
  • Call: 02/35366069 locally or +3123402534 internationally.
Visit the nearest CIB branch with your national ID or passport to sign the activation form.
You can activate / re-activate credit card by calling 19666 through Phone Banking or speaking with a live Call Center agent.
  • You can update your mobile number at your nearest CIB branch
  • Internet Banking
  • Through the Call Center from a registered mobile number.

    1.         Log into your Internet or Mobile Banking account

    2.         Click the “Requests” tab

    3.         Select “Manage Smart Wallet”

    4.         Choose “Amend an existing Wallet” from application type

    5.         Select the desired amendment (Add a card/remove a card/replace a card)

    6.         Enter wallet mobile number

    7.         Choose the amendment type

    8.         Enter your National ID

    9.         Choose CIB card type

    10.   Enter CIB card number, expiration date, and name on card

    11.   Click “Submit”

    12.   Click “Confirm” once the confirmation message appears


    Note: You can only link up to two of your CIB cards to your CIB Smart Wallet.

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