Cardless deposits can be made at the ATM using an account number.
Make a deposit at a CIB branch or via ATM. (Cardless deposits are caped to EGP 20,000/day)
  • You may add/delete/modify any of your beneficiaries’ details through the payments to others page
  • You can add a new beneficiary from the "Add New" button at the top of the page
  • You can edit a beneficiary by clicking on the beneficiary then the "Edit" button
  • You can delete a beneficiary by simply clicking on "Delete".

You can simply nickname your account from the Internet Banking Home Page:

  1. Click on the account you want to nickname
  2. Click on “View More” then on the “Account Details” tab
  3. Click on “Edit” next to the account name and change it to the desired name.

Through the Smart Wallet application:

  • Select “Payments.”
  • Select your desired service and biller.
  • Enter the subscriber/reference number (or you can select the subscriber from your contact list).
  • Select the desired amount (if you’re recharging your phone credit) or select “Confirm” (if you’re paying a bill).
  • Enter your wallet PIN.
  • Your transaction is complete.
From the transaction history page, tap on “Export” to save your transaction history as a PDF file.
By sharing your IPA or mobile number or initiating a collect request.
  • CIB BONUS points program website (
  • CIB Call Center.

For more information, click here.

Visit our Online Banking page to learn how to register
Call 19666, press 1 for accounts and cards, and enter an active CIB card and PIN number. Follow the step by step recorded menu.

CIB and non-CIB customers:

  • Visit the nearest Authorized Banking Agent
  • Fill out the registration form
  • An agent will process your information and enter it into the system
  • You will receive an SMS with a download link and an activation code
  • Download the Ameen app from Google Play or Huawei AppGallery
  • Enter your registered mobile number, enter the activation code that was sent to you in an SMS, read and agree to the terms and conditions, and tap “Confirm”
  • Create a PIN consisting of six digits
  • Your Ameen wallet will be activated
  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Register New User ” below the Sign-In area
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Password Confirmation
    • Card Number
    • Card PIN
  4. Check the “I accept the terms” box after carefully reviewing it
  5. Click on “Register New User”.
Please visit your nearest CIB branch or call 19666.
Please call call center on 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch.

You can stop a lost or stolen card by:

  • Calling 19666 and speaking to one of our Call Center agents
  • Visiting the nearest CIB branch
  • Phone Banking
  • Internet banking

For more information, you can also click here

From the Internet Banking home page:

  1. Go to “Requests”
  2. Click on “request new chequebook”
  3. Fill in the form to complete your request.
  • Choose “Request Money from a Friend” from the “Transfer Money” page
  • Select the person/mobile number you want to request money from
  • Enter the desired amount
  • Choose whether you want to send the request now or later
  • Enter your PIN
  • The person you requested money from will receive a notification for the request and can either confirm or deny the transaction

Customers can check their payment requests through “Pending Requests.”

The card will be displayed once you select “Online Card” from the Smart Wallet homepage. Click on the card to retrieve the CVC.
By clicking on an account then clicking on the “View More” button, you can view your account’s details, transaction history, account activity, scheduled transactions and money spending.
You can send your feedback or complaints by contacting customer service at 15505 or through the app.

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