Whatever you want, whenever you want CIB’s BONUS program has the largest network of merchants in Egypt

You’ll have access to all kinds of groceries, clothing shops, restaurants, spas and more

All the ways you earn your points

Earn BONUS points on all kinds of transactions, and redeem them at one of our participating merchants in the biggest rewards network in Egypt

Type of transaction Category  Points earned
Credit cards (Purchases)







4 points for every EGP 1 spent

3 points for every EGP 1 spent

2 points for every EGP 1 spent

1 point for every EGP 1 spent

1 point for every EGP 1 spent

1 point for every EGP 1 spent

Debit cards (Purchases)



1.5 points for every EGP 1 spent

1 points for every EGP 1 spent

Personal loan top-up Unsecured

5 points for every EGP 20

Internet banking Third party transfer

500 points after 5th third party transfer transaction

*MilesEverywhere credit cards are excluded from BONUS points program.
**Internet banking points are given once in a lifetime after completing the 5th third party transfer.
 A welcome gift from us to you

Get a hefty 'Sign-up bonus' on a new credit card and a 'Spend bonus' when you use your card within the first three months of issuing it

Now onto the important part

Here are the three simple steps to redeem your points and spend them


Login to bonus.cibeg.com with your card or account number


Choose the number of BONUS points you'd like to redeem and how you'd like to redeem them


Spend your well-earned points however you choose

If you don't have a card yet, take a look at these

These cards will give you BONUS points as well as many other banking and non-banking benefits

Important points to note
  • Eligible customers are automatically enrolled in BONUS points program
  • Points that are earned on the cards will reflect in the next business day from the transaction settlement date
  • Points expire after three years from the earn month
  • Make sure your personal data is updated on CIB banking system to guarantee the ability to register on BONUS points program website and redeem
  • E-vouchers expire after three months from the redemption date
  • All redemptions are personalized and must be used by the main beneficiary who is the primary bank customer. You have to present your National ID or Passport at the merchant to be able to redeem
  • Lost or expired e-vouchers cannot be replaced and respective points are non-refundable
  • Minimum points balance to be able to redeem is 10,000 points
  • No points transfer available


For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch

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