The WAFFARX|CIB application is considered the newest addition to the benefits of the various CIB credit cards.

Earn extra cashback on all your purchases through the WAFFARX|CIB application when you pay using any CIB credit card. You can also benefit from the existing benefits normally, whether BONUS points, miles on the Mileseverywhere credit card, or cashback on the Cashback credit card.

You have to download the app from the below link to enjoy the following:


  • Extra cashback: 20% higher cashback on all your purchases when you complete your transaction through the platform instead of dealing with the merchants directly
  • Cash-out cycle: Six times a year for CIB credit cards instead of four times a year for credit cards of other banks

To enjoy the WAFFARX|CIB platform benefits:

  • Your CIB credit card must be added as a payment card onthe WAFFARX app or website, and the transaction mustbe completed using the same card in order to benefit fromthe WAFFARX | CIB platform using the attached link
  • The earned cashback will be credited to WaffarX | CIBaccount (minimum redemption amount is USD 5 andbalances below the required amount will remain in thecustomer's account until they are redeemed)
  • Cash-out Cycle: cashback will be automatically added toyour CIB credit card 6 times a year once the minimum redemption amount is reached

Terms and conditions apply.

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