Newly launched services

We’ve added a new list of services to our Internet and Mobile Banking as part of our first rollout phase, enabling you to have the bank at your fingertips

Register with account #, national ID, or passport #

Now you can register for Internet and Mobile Banking immediately after opening your account using your account number, national ID, or passport number

Book a certificate or a time deposit

Fill out a simple form to book a CD or TD online

Open an additional sub account

Now you can open a new current or saving sub account through your Internet or Mobile Banking account

Replace credit/debit card

With just a few clicks, you can now request a card replacement for your debit or credit card

Manage direct debit

Enables you to change the direct debit for any of your credit cards by choosing the direct debit account and amount

Manage your CIB Smart Wallet

Register for CIB Smart Wallet and link your CIB cards to load your wallet easily. You can link up to two cards to your wallet (credit, debit, or prepaid) and replace or remove an already linked card

Register for e-statement

Upon registering to e-statement, you will receive a notification via an e-mail stating that your e-statement is available on Internet Banking.

Apply for a loan or credit card

Fill out a simple form to apply for a credit card or even a loan from wherever you are

For more inform read the FAQs, or chat with Zaki the Bot

Terms and conditions apply.
Reliable banking everywhere

Take the bank with you 

  • It's personable: An experience shaped around your day-to-day needs
  • It's quick and efficient: We respect your time. Stay informed on what's relevant and important, hassle-free
  • It's transparent and consistent: We want to earn your trust. Know your fees and charges and save money by banking online
  • Everything is connected: Use a single account to access CIB's Online Banking services from your smartphone, tablet or computer, or download our Mobile Banking App 
Online Banking Features Banking anywhere, anytime

 With CIB's comprehensive online banking services you can stay in control of your finances

A better view of your products

  • View the balances of your accounts, credit cards, deposits, loans, and mutual funds
  • View your transaction details and history
  • Download and print your accounts and cards statements
  • Monitor your spending easily by labeling and grouping your transactions to review them and understand where your money's going
  • View your requests history

Your day-to-day banking transactions

  • Easily manage and transfer your money between your accounts
  • Transfer money securely to anyone, anywhere*
  • Pay and settle your or someone else's CIB credit cards
  • Schedule transactions, either one-time or recurring
  • Make donations to charity*

    *This service requires an OTP
  • Requests at your fingertips

  • Immediately stop your lost or stolen credit cards
  • Dispute credit card transactions
  • Change your supplementary card limits
  • Keep your contact information up to date*
  • Get in touch, send us your suggestions, inquiries or complaints
  • Add related accounts and manage it
  • Request a chequebook
  • Book new CDs and TDs
  • Open additional accounts 

    *This service requires an OTP
  • Ways to bank

    Download our Mobile Banking application

    Bank on the go with CIB Mobile Banking!

    Download now

    Secure Banking Features The security of your information is our priority

    Life Goals Ways to Bank Online Banking One Time Password OTP
    Life Goals - Ways to Bank - Online Banking - Keeping your credentials safe
    Life Goals - Ways to Bank - Online Banking - Encryption
    Life Goals - Ways to Bank - Online Banking- Password Strength

    One Time Password (OTP)

    Our OTP allows you to safely transfer funds outside your own accounts; to family, friends and to settle expenses.

    Keeping your credentials safe

    We make sure you change your passwords frequently on our online channels. Learn how to protect your password.


    We use a very high level of encryption to protect your information and your credentials are never stored.

    Password Strength

    We enforce strong password rules to make sure your passwords are the proper strength.
    Not Registered? How to register

    Access your banking products and services online, all you need is your CIB account!

    Tutorials Are you new to online banking or need some help?

    Browse our tutorials and get the most out of online banking

    FAQs Take a look at some FAQs

    We've got the answers to some questions you might have

    Learn how to register on our Online Banking page

    If you enter your Online Banking password several times incorrectly, you will be locked out. In this case, please follow the below steps to unlock your user:

    1. Call 19666
    2. Select 3 (Technical support)
    3. Select 1 (Activate username)
    4. Enter the active debit/credit card 16 digits number
    5. Enter the card’s 4 digits PIN code

    Do not forget: Passwords are case sensitive; make sure you are entering your password exactly as it is set up. If your password begins with a lowercase letter, you may need to use your phone’s Shift key to change the default from uppercase. In addition, some phones require extra presses on the shift key to enter numbers instead of letters.

    To activate your CIB OTP Token, follow the below steps:

    1. Download the CIB OTP Token from your device store
    2. Log into your Internet or Mobile Banking and select "Activate OTP Token" from the requests menu
    3. Select "CIB OTP Token Activation Request"
    4. Review and confirm your mobile number to receive activation link via SMS
    5. Click on the activation link to populate the data in the CIB OTP Token app
    6. Enter the verification code generated from the OTP app in the Internet or Mobile Banking then click "Submit"

    Click here for a step by step video tutorial on how to activate your OTP Token.

    If you forget your username, follow the below steps:

    1. Call 19666
    2. Select 3 (Technical support)
    3. Select 1 (Retrieve username)
    4. Enter the active debit/credit card 16 digits number
    5. Enter the card’s 4 digits PIN code
    6. Username will be sent via SMS on your registered mobile number

    Transfers in Egyptian Pound inside CIB (No fees)

    Transfers in Egyptian Pound outside CIB inside Egypt (Fees are waived till 31st of December 2023):

    • Commission:0.1% minimum EGP 20 - Maximum EGP 250

    Transfers in a foreign currency:

    • Commission: 0.15% from the amount with a minimum of USD 10
    • Swift Charges: Equivalent to USD 10 through Online Banking.
    • The charges are equivalent to USD 20 if executed through CIB branches
    • Beneficiary Bank Fees: Based on the beneficiary bank's fees and charges. The USD equivalent is calculated upon execution and is based on CIB’s daily currency free market rate

    If the transfer is conducted through IPN to one of the banks participating in the Instant Payment Network, the commission will be 0.2% with a minimum of EGP 10 and a maximum of EGP 50 (Fees are waived till 31st of December 2023)

    Meeza wallet transfers through Internet or Mobile banking is free of charge

    Terms and Conditions

    We care Our dedicated team is committed to meeting your needs

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