Features Launching the Instant Payment Network under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt!
Instant Payment Network IPN

Instant, secure, and convenient

Make and receive transfers between a variety of different account types, including all card types and Meeza digital wallet easily and securely.

24/7 services

This real-time and interoperable ecosystem will allow instant and seamless transfers between different account types and banks 24/7!
Benefits Learn all about the new Instant Payment Network (IPN)!

Benefit from enhanced online banking platforms!

You will be able to use your mobile number or Instant Payment Address (IPA) to make and receive transfers between a variety of different account types, including Meeza cards and Meeza digital wallet easily and securely.

Instant payment through your favorite channels!

You will be able to send money instantly through the following channels:


  • CIB’s mobile banking
  • CIB’s Internet banking
  • InstaPay app

To learn more about the InstaPay App and which banks are part of the Instant Payment Network (IPN), click here.

Please take into consideration the IPN's regular updates.

FAQs Take a look at some FAQs
We've got the answers to some questions you might have
IPN is an instant payment network that allows direct access to all accounts and real time instant fund transfer using your mobile device or desktop. The transactions can be processed through approved apps such as InstaPay, owned by EBC, or CIB’s Mobile and Internet Banking services.

IPN allows customers to send money to any of the following:

  • Bank accounts using:
    • Account number
    • Mobile number (for IPN on-boarded customers only)
    • IPA (Instant Payment Address for on-boarded customers only)
  • Digital wallets (using mobile number)
  • Meeza cards (using 16-digit card number)

IPN allows customers to send money through the following channels:

  • InstaPay app, owned by EBC
  • CIB Internet Banking     
  • CIB Mobile Banking

Please go to store to download mobile application to start enrollment process

All banked customers and/or Meeza prepaid cardholders can benefit from IPN services through the InstaPay app owned by EBC.

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