Features The exclusive features of a CIB Private experience

Advisory services, personalized solutions and tailored premium benefits that cater to your every need and help you live every day to the fullest

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Your Private Client Advisor

Your Private Client Advisor will provide you with expert advice and ensure that every area of our bank is doing its utmost to achieve your goals. With an enduring relationship, as your wealth accumulates and your needs change your advisory will adapt to your new situation

Customized credit solutions

CIB Private offers you custom credit solutions to address your complex financial needs

Unsecured lending

CIB Private provides unsecured lending options to allow you to take advantage of wealth building opportunities

Investment solutions

Receive customized investment solutions to meet your financial goals

CIB World Elite Credit Card

Join the ranks of CIB World Elite Credit Card users and gain access to an incomparable bundle of benefits

CIB Private Hub

In both Cairo and Alexandria, we've established CIB Private Hub specifically equipped to meet your needs

Premium product offerings

CIB Private offers you premium current and savings accounts, as well as excellent deposit products

Services Exclusive services to fulfill your needs

Concierge Services

Discover CIB Private Concierge services

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Overseas Banking

Enjoy a fast and convenient banking experience no matter where you are!

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Experiences Enjoy unforgettable experiences with CIB Private
CIB Private has always been committed to providing a fully integrated lifestyle experience for our highest-tier clients by redefining the meaning of elite banking.Our expert teams are continuously studying our customers’ unique tastes and lifestyle needs to provide them with ideal opportunities and services that satisfy their expectations and desires. Our ability to go beyond banking has been made possible with an ever-growing network of top-notch partners, venues and brands that take the CIB Private offering to new heights.
Our CIB customers are the key to our success, and providing them with unforgettable experiences is fundamental to us. We are always striving to provide our Private clients with the most unique experiences throughout the year. From delicious dinners, exclusive VIP tickets for special concerts to special gifts, our customers can enjoy endless perks and special deals that align with their lifestyles.With CIB Private’s elite partnerships, CIB Private clients have the opportunity to create lifelong memories at the most sought-after destinations as well as enjoy unique luxury gifts throughout the year. During summer and all year round, Private customers can enjoy unmatched benefits that go above and beyond elite banking.

Portfolio Services

The Private Portfolio Management Service goes beyond traditional banking services by offering you an array of options to suit your needs.

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Learn more about CIB Private New Enrollment Criteria

CIB Private New Enrollment Criteria

CIB Private has changed its membership criteria, allowing select New-to-Bank and existing customers to enter the exclusive world of CIB’s most elite segment!

Terms and conditions apply

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CIB Private Hub

We have established CIB Private Hub in Zamalek and a Private Office in Alexandria specifically equipped to meet your needs. Private clients also receive priority access when they visit a CIB branch and first service when contacting our call center at 19847(VIP).

Cairo Address: 9 Shafik Mansour St., Zamalek, Cairo

Alexandria Address: 17 Syria St., Rouchdy, Alexandria

Online Banking

Login to our CIB Private Internet and Mobile Banking and check on your balances, or make internal or external transfers.

Segments Compare CIB Private to other CIB segments

Prime Customers

Among many other benefits, as a Prime customer you'll receive:

  • Easy Saving Account: CIB's online saving account, so you can save from the comfort of your home!
  • CIB credit cards: the best credit cards offering a wide variety of discounts with a variety of popular merchants
  • Personal loans: special rates for payroll customers and 'Solfa we Aman' loan with insurance benefits to be paid back over up to five years
  • Exclusive services such as monthly offers on all CIB cards customized for your needs and exclusive benefits for payroll customers
  • Perks such as vouchers and coupons exclusively for Prime customers

Plus Customers

Among many other benefits, as a Plus customer you'll receive:

  • Premium Savers saving account in Egyptian pounds
  • Plus Titanium debit card with EGP 75 issuance and credit card limits up to EGP 100,000
  • Financing up to EGP 175,000 and overdraft facilities of up to 95% of your deposits
  • Fast track services at all CIB branches; preferential fees and charges; free Plus-branded chequebook; lifestyle privileges when spending with Titanium cards; renewal of governmental documents and concierge services through Les Concierge Egypt
  • Exclusive perks such as a welcome pack, a New Year's gift, events invitations, vouchers and coupons

Wealth Customers

Among many other benefits, as a Wealth customer you'll receive:

  • Special investment portfolios through CI Capital
  • Wealth Platinum debit card with free issuance and credit card limits up to EGP 500,000 
  • Financing up to EGP 3 million and an overdraft facility of up to EGP 125,000
  • Luxury services including priority service at CIB branches, Wealth lounges, preferential fees and charges, free safe box and Wealth-branded chequebook, unique lifestyle privileges upon spending with your platinum cards
  • Concierge services through Les Concierge Egypt and CIB World and World Elite credit cards
  • Perks including a welcome package, exclusive event invitations and vouchers, partnerships with VIP lifestyle brands
  • Enhanced SMS Notification Services

Private Customers

Among many other benefits, as a Private customer you'll receive:

  • Private Portfolio Management Services with management by CI Asset Management
  • CIB World Elite credit card with limits up to EGP 2 million, and zero markup and over-limit fees 
  • Financing up to EGP 5 million and overdraft facility up to EGP 1 million, with bonus points equal to the utilized limit
  • Exclusive Services including priority service at CIB branches, and exclusive Private Hub in Zamalek. Exclusive preferential fees and free safe box and Private-branded chequebook
  • The highest transaction limits on Online banking. Settle your cards or transfer money between accounts with a daily limit of up to EGP 1 million
  • Concierge services through Les Concierge Egypt and World Elite Concierge Services
  • Perks including events invitations and strategic partnerships with established high-end brands in Egypt

Want to join CIB Private?

Maintain a minimum balance of EGP 20 million (or its equivalent in other currencies) across all your CIB accounts

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