What is the Private Portfolio Management Service?
The Private Portfolio Management Service goes beyond traditional banking services by offering you an array of options to suit your needs. This highly customizable investment opportunity provides 6 different portfolio models that vary across securities and asset classes. Each portfolio comes with a different asset allocation and a unique risk rating, tailored to match each customer’s investment preference.

Features and benefits

  • The Private Portfolio’s composition is standardized by CI Capital. Six standardized portfolios are offered based on different risk appetites. At CIB Private, we work on defining the risk profile of every client, which translates into a selection methodology to choose the matching portfolio type.
  • Investments in customer-proposed portfolios will be managed by the reputed Asset Manager, CI Asset Management.
  • All proposed off-balance sheet asset classes are under the custody of CIB.

Customized advisory 

The Private Client Advisors provide customized solutions according to each customer’s goals and aspirations through the specially designed Customer Profiling Platform (WARS). This platform generates customer profile reports based on an initial assessment that identifies their investment objectives, risk appetite and financial means. The report is updated regularly to maintain alignment with the customer’s goals and lifestyle needs.

For more information, please contact your dedicated Private Client Advisor.

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