Our Policy:

Incorporate the principles of sustainable development into business policies and practices

  • We are committed to a professional and dependable sustainability governance structure. This structure is rooted in our responsibilities towards our staff, code of conduct, customers, society, the environment and future generations. We will continue to define specific sustainability goals for our departments and guide their implementation.
  • We view both sustainable development the financial services sector as important contributors towards solid business management and consistent development and growth.
  • We believe that we can achieve steady progress by allowing markets to work within an accountable and responsible framework of cost-efficient regulations and economic instruments.
  • We know that sustainable development is a corporate duty and an essential part of our pursuit of good and caring citizenship.

Implement the best practices related to social and environmental management

  • We support the mindful approach to social and environmental management by anticipating and preventing potential risks. We know that identifying and assessing social and environmental risks should be part of our regular and careful process of risk assessment and management. This applies to both our domestic and international operations.
  • We are committed to following the social and environmental laws both nationally and internationally. This includes regulations that apply to our internal operations and business services. We work towards integrating social and environmental considerations into our operations, asset management and other business decisions.
  • We understand that complying with social and environmental regulations and executing smart social and environmental actions are necessary to achieve effective corporate management.
  • We will continue to pursue best practices in social and environmental management and will seek to form business relations with partners, suppliers and subcontractors who follow similarly high standards.
  • We intend to update our practices to include relevant developments in social and environmental management. We encourage the industry to undertake research in these and related areas.
  • We recognize the need to conduct internal social and environmental reviews on a periodic basis, and to measure our activities against our social and environmental goals.
  • We encourage the financial services sector to develop products and services consistent with social and environmental best practices.

Communicate CIB’s sustainability policies and practices publicly

  • We will publish our sustainability policy statement and periodically report on the steps we take to advance integration of social and environmental considerations into our operations.
  • We will share information with customers to strengthen their ability to reduce potential social and environmental risks and promote sustainable development.
  • We will foster openness and dialogue about social and environmental matters with relevant audiences, such as shareholders, employees, customers, government entities and the general public.
  • We are committed to sharing our experiences and knowledge to extend best practices and lessons learned.

This Sustainability Policy Statement will be advertised throughout CIB’s premises and will be applicable to CIB- financed and/or supported projects.

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