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Internet Banking Service

CIB is pleased to announce that a new Internet Banking upgrade has been launched. Aimed at making the banking experience much more pleasurable and efficient, it is a major step in modernizing CIB online services.

You will get to experience the new "look" and new functionality simply by logging in normally to your Internet Banking once the upgrade is launched. We have packed a list of important items that empowers you to take control of your banking while on the road, or at home.

We trust you will enjoy these upgrades and improvements to the Internet Banking and i​f you have any question or comment, please share it with us through the Suggestion - Inquiries form inside your Internet Banking account.

For complaints, please send us an email on


NEW Complete new interface design

  • Navigational and usability elements have been improved to make the Internet Banking easier to browse
  • Change Password: Stay in control of your security and feel free to change your password frequently and never share it with anyone.
  • Fit all devices: Now Internet banking is flexible enough to work nicely on an screen or device, be it a large smartphone, small one, a tablet, a PC, it will make sure that you get a nice comfortable view of your accounts.



  • Balance of your Accounts, Credit Cards, Deposits, Loans and Mutual Funds
  • View transactions on  AccountsCredit Cards and Mutual Funds
  • View, print and save your Monthly/Quarterly historical  AccountsCredit Cards statements
  • Ability to view related accounts; Joint, Minor, Grant, Power of Attorney
  • NEW Activity Calendar: Tired of chasing list of transactions? Now you can arrange them in a calendar view and quickly track past, present and future transactions
  • NEW My Money: Looking for a way to track spending? Start labeling your transactions and they'll be neatly categorized for you see quickly.
  • NEW Notifications: Want to be alerted in case your balance went up or down to a certain threshold? With the notification option, you set the rule and we'll alert you once something happens. You will receive the notification on your Internet Banking home page once you login into it.

  • Transfer between your own Accounts
  • Transfer to another CIB account (OTP Higher Authentication required)
  • Transfer outside CIB; Inside/Outside the country (OTP Higher Authentication required)
  • Settlement of your Credit Cards
  • Settlement of other CIB Credit Cards
  • Contribute to your choice of Certified Charity Organizations (OTHigher Authentication required)
  • NEW Quick Payments: Got a list of transfers you need to routinely make? Now group them all in one place and with a few key strokes make those transactions in seconds, just enter your secret OTP password and it's done.
  • Set a Forward and Recurring Transactions on specific dates

  • Check book on any of your Current Accounts
  • Add Related Account
  • Update your Contact information with the Bank (OTHigher Authentication required)
  • Send an inquiry, suggestion or complaint
  • Change your Limit on the Supplementary Credit Cards
  • Dispute Credit Cards Transaction
  • Immediately stop your lost/stolen Credit Cards​​
  • NEW Requests History: ​Want to chase down a request with the bank? Now it's easier than ever, just simply login and we'll tell you where things are.

This is in addition to many other available features at the tip of your fingers.

Service Registration​
  • Visit our site, click on "Internet Banking" under "Online Services"
  • On the Internet Banking service page, click on "Register New User" and click on "Agree" after reviewing the terms and conditions.
  • Use your ATM 16 Digits Debit or Credit Card number and its 4 Digits PIN and set your password to register for free on Internet Banking
  • If you have not signed the e-Banking terms and conditions and delivered it to the bank, you will be presented with a note asking you to complete the E-Banking Services Subscription Application at your nearest branch.
For more support, please watch the Internet Banking Registration Demo​

Register now to the Internet Banking Service to get 
access to your banking accounts from anywhere 24/7


With CIB Internet Banking, you can benefit from the following:​

Terms and conditions apply