Products and Services

Main features

  • Management, promotion and agency services to donors and governmental agencies to facilitate access to finance for the targeted sectors and segments in addition to specialized products supporting financial inclusion in line with our sustainable finance policy.
  • Consultancy services targeting developmental programs
  • Microfinance finance to MFIS Microfinance financial solutions and services to MFIs
  • Concessional developmental credit products:
  1. Agriculture sector development program (ASDP)
  2. Promotion of Rural Incomes through Market Enhancement Project (PRIME),
  3. Support to Agriculture SMEs Program (SASME)
  4. Sustainable Agricultural Investments and Livelihood Project (SAIL)
  5. Veterinary services program (VSP)
  6. Buffalo Fattening Program (10m and 50m)
  7. Financial investment and sector cooperation (FISC)
  8. Environmental Pollution Abatement Project Phase III (EPAP III)
  9. Environmental Compliance Office (ECO)
  10. US Export Credit Guarantee Program - GSM-102 – U.S.

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