​The Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB), Egypt’s leading bank focused on digital disruption of financial services, and the world’s Best Bank in the Emerging Markets, announced the deployment of nearly 100 ATMs specially designed to serve our visually impaired customers, granting them an easy and convenient access to perform their daily banking needs. CIB-Egypt is proud to be the first Egyptian bank to launch and implement this type of initiative in the Egyptian banking sector according to the applicable terms and conditions

As banking and financial services become more widespread, continually serving more and more segments of society, CIB-Egypt with its customer centric product development approach took the initiative to ensure that our visually challenged customers can bank regularly with ease. The talking ATMs do not only help them manage and control their accounts and financials, but they also protect their privacy by hiding the ATM screen

“CIB is dedicated to: one, embracing new cutting-edge technologies to bring to our customers and, two, listening to our customers when designing new products and services. It gives us great pleasure to bring together those two features and offer our visually challenged customers a convenient way to manage their day-to-day banking needs. The new ATMs allow visually challenged customers to interact just like any other customer using voice guidance, therefore empowering them. This could not have been made possible if CIB did not consult with visually challenged customers during the stages of design for feedback,” said Mohamed Farag, CIB Chief Digital Officer and Head of GTS. 

The new talking ATMs are equipped with voice guidance and Braille stickers, for easy assistance in cash withdrawal, balance inquiry. All CIB and non-CIB customers are eligible to use the feature, and have complete access to alter the settings on the machine, and select the preferred language of the voice-assisted functionality, simply by inserting their headphones into the ATM to initiate the voice guidance.

Being a progressive and customer-focused organization, CIB-Egypt was honored to have had the opportunity to work with various visually challenged customers, and in cooperation with CIB Foundation and Alnour Wal Amal Organization, to provide their valuable insights during various design stages. Designing focus groups during early stages of product is quickly becoming CIB-Egypt’s new product development culture that shall continue propelling it to new heights in banking leadership and innovative design.

The new initiative is part of CIB-Egypt’s ongoing efforts to support financial inclusion, by providing more personalized banking experiences to a wider spectrum of customers and leveraging new technologies to make day-to-day banking more accessible and easier.

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