​​Commercial International Bank – Egypt (CIB) succeeded with its integrated team to keep the forefront of the banking sector being the first Egyptian private investment bank, and maintains its leadership throughout the years, in which it adds many achievements recognized by the top international financial institutions. CIB-Egypt received four renowned international awards, three of which were granted for the second consecutive year by Global Finance, namely the awards of Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banking in Egypt, Best Information Security Initiatives and Best Consumer Digital Bank In Egypt.

Global Finance is one of the largest media institutions worldwide that is specialized in the banking and financial sectors and its mission is symbolized in helping corporate leaders and investors to put them on the map of world trade and finance, through providing transparent and objective institutional assessments and granting awards in recognition of outstanding performance.

It's worth mentioning that the assessment of Global finance relied on a team of specialists of the financial sector to grant CIB the three awards for the second consecutive year, who led exclusive questionnaire that involved analysts, companies' managers and financial advisors and was governed by international selection standards, considering the factors of attracting and serving the customers of Internet Users and succeeding in guiding customers to utilize the Bank's services via the internet, increasing its percentage of growth, persify the offered banking products  and clarify all the tangible benefits and services acquired by customers. This is in addition to evaluating the Bank's official portal in terms of efficiency, functions' effectiveness and security levels during the conduct of banking operations.

The fourth award is the Best FX services in North Africa granted by EMEA Finance, the leading financial institution worldwide that is based in London and distributes awards in recognition of the efforts of the leading banks and financial institutions on country level in Europe, Middle East and Africa, through the study of the private bank's candidacy file, which includes monitoring its role in the field of foreign currency exchange services.

Commenting on the awards' winning, Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, CIB-Egypt Chairman and Managing Director said that earning awards does not solely add to CIB, but it is also a global testimony that the Egyptian banking sector is stable and increasingly growing. CIB is part of the banking sector and any success achieved by any institution in Egypt is an added value to the banking sector as a whole that evidences the sector's strength.

Ezz Al-Arab highlighted, about the three Global Finance awards won for the second consecutive year, that the Bank owns the latest technology in the banking services, which enables customers to easily and safely perform all operations from any place, whether inside or outside Egypt, over the clock, without the need to go to the branch. The future is now for the technology and how to benefit from it in the banking sector, which goes now in Egypt along with its counterpart in developed countries, and there is no difference between us and any bank in any advanced country, except in the laws that govern each state.

He further added that this success was the result of constant work and the teamwork spirit; a team characterized by its experience and keeping up with the global banks' latest. The Bank always provides high-level training courses across all its sectors whether locally or international with the aim of weighing the skills and expertise, which will be consequently in the customers' interest, who devoted their trust in CIB-Egypt. "A Bank To Trust" is not just a slogan, but a constitution governing the employees across the Bank's branches and premises.

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