Features Diversify your investments

Earn returns and distributions through long-term fixed income instruments

Thabat Fund

Fund launch

Launched in 2011, with an initial size of EGP 50 million, Thabat is an open-ended fund


Thabat Fund invests in many individual bonds so that even a relatively small investment is diversified


Subscriptions are available until 12:00 noon daily, with no subscription fees


Applications for redemption can be presented every day until 12:00 noon and are executed on the first working Sunday of the month and settled within two working days, with no redemption fee

Professionally managed

Thabat Fund is professionally managed by CI Capital Asset Management

Minimum subscriptions

Minimum subscription is 1 investment certificate

BENEFITS The benefits of a professionally managed fund

Tax exemption

Corporate and retail investors earn returns free of tax.

Automatic reinvestment

Income from all bonds is automatically reinvested in the fund, consistently adding to its value

Low risk, high return

Participate in underlying financial instruments, such as treasury and corporate bonds and other debt securities, that generate high yields with minimum risk to your capital

Important information The details of the Thabat Fund

Requirements What you need to get started

You can easily subscribe and redeem your funds anytime until 12:00 PM Cairo-time at any of CIB’s branches.

Funds are managed professionally by CI Asset Management, a leader in the Egyptian market with regard to investment performance.

For more information you can

  • Speak to Zaki, our bot [linked]
  • Call our customer service on 19666
  • Visit your nearest CIB branch
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