Reliable banking everywhere Discover our new and unmatched ATM experience

Explore our new features, new look, and a simpler way to bank

Reliable banking everywhere - coming soon

A new look

We completely overhauled our ATM experience. We made it better looking, easier and simpler to use. 

Designed for better privacy, security and control

Checking your account balances is now a part of any transaction you perform, further protecting your privacy and reducing the amount of time you spend at any ATM.

ATM Features Our ATMs are here to serve you anytime

Get access to our banking services including cash withdrawal and deposit, card and loan installment & bill payment, mobile wallet and card-less services

Day-to-day banking transactions

We realize it's not always easy to find the time to visit a branch. With our full function ATMs you can take care of your banking needs around the clock:

  • Withdraw and deposit cash from your accounts
  • Deposit cash to settle your credit card
  • Deposit cash to pay a loan installment
  • Pay your bills, tuition fees or recharge your mobile credit
  • Make a donation
  • Get a mini statement
  • Deposit a check (available on some machines) 
  • Exchange foreign currency (available on some machines) 

Cardless ATM services

You don't need a card to use our ATMs, you can still:

  • Deposit cash into an account
  • Deposit cash to settle a credit card's dues
  • Deposit cash to pay a loan installment
  • Use Smart Wallet services including deposit and withdrawal

Daily limit for cardless deposits is EGP 20,000 

Daily maximum limit for deposits and withdrawals from the Smart Wallet is 20,000 EGP

ATMs and cards Your banking safety is our priority

Go over our tips to ensure you are banking risk free

Your Cards

  • Always keep your cards in a safe place.
  • If you misplaced or lost any of your cards, immediately report it as lost or stolen by calling our contact center on 19666 or through our Online Banking services.
  • Your Card PIN

  • Each of your cards are protected by a four digital Personal Identification Number (PIN), keeping your money safe.
  • Memorize your PIN and never write the PIN down on anything including in your wallet or on the card itself.
  • When setting up your PIN, avoiding using numbers that relate to your personal information, easy-to-guess or recurring digits.
  • Standing at the ATM

  • Mind your surroundings before using an ATM and report anything suspicious.
  • Shield the ATM keypad at all times so no one can see or guess your PIN.
  • Never get distracted. Take your card, cash, and receipt immediately once you complete your transactions.
  • Our talking ATMs !

    Our aim is to empower visually impaired individuals with independence, privacy and control. Explore our 740+ talking ATMs designed specially for the visually impaired.

    Find a Talking ATM
    FAQs Everything you need to know
    The ATM can provide you with a mini-statement of your last ten transactions.
    Yes, if both cards are linked to the account.
    Yes, through the Forex machines only, and for the following currencies only: USD, EUR, GBP, KWD, and SAR.

    We care Our dedicated team is committed to meeting your needs

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