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Customer Information Update

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At CIB, we hold the security and safety of your funds and personal information as one of our highest priorities and having up-to-date records helps us protect you. To ensure that your CIB banking services continue operating smoothly, please update your personal information at your earliest convenience.


To update your personal information, you can:

Visit your nearest CIB branch


Download the form

  • Fill in the required data
  • Sign the bottom of all pages
  • Either submit it at one of our branches OR send it by mail to the branch directly OR to P.O. Box 2430 Al Ataba attention: your branch



Please include copies* of the following documents:

1.      A valid national ID (for egyptians) or a valid passport (for foreigners).

2.      A letter from your HR department.

3.      A recent utility bill (either electricity, gas or water).

4.      A recent commercial register (for companies only).

*Copies are required to support your updated personal information in case of any change. 

For more information, please call 19666.

Download Forms:


Customer Information Updat​e Form for Individuals

Customer Information Updat​e Form for Individuals (Interactive)

Customer Information U​pdate Form for Companies

Customer Information U​pdate Form for Companies ​(Interactive)