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Phone Banking

​​​​​By calling 19666, customers can tend to their banking needs while on the move at any time of day. CIB's interactive voice-response (IVR) technology allows customers to perform all kinds of banking activities seamlessly, with a team of highly-trained customer service representatives on standby to help at all times.


Conducting Transactions:
CIB’s Phone Banking services offer easy and convenient ways to manage your money and carry out your transactions, anytime, anywhere. The transactions available to you include but are not limited to:

Checking your account and card balances
Checking the latest currency rates
Transferring money between your CIB accounts
Settling your credit card bills instantly 
Paying bills and recharge mobile phones*
Requesting a new checkbook
Making charitable donations
Activating your cards
Changing/setting your card's Personal Identification Number (PIN)
• Unlock Online Banking Username**
• Retrieve Forgotten Online Banking Username**
• Set your favorites menu by adding your frequent transactions or inquiries#
*For your security, these services require One Time Password (OTP). 


**Unlock Online Banking Username:

This feature allows customers to unlock their online banking username through these simple steps : 

  1. Call 19666
  2. Press 3 for "user online banking unlock, support and complaints.
  3. Press 1 for the unlock option and enter your card number and PIN.
  4. Enter any of your active debit or credit card number and PIN.

*** Retrieve Forgotten Online Banking Username:
  1. Call 19666
  2. Press 3 for "Unlock Online Banking Account, Support and Complaints"
  3. Press 2 for ‘Forgot Online Banking Username’ and enter the number and PIN for any of your active debit or credit cards
  4. You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number containing your Online Banking username.

Please note that the SMS will only be sent to registered numbers.
For more information, contact 19666 or ask Zaki, our digital assistant.

#This feature allows our customers to set any of the below services on a favorite menu:
Account balance inquiry
Credit card settlement
Fund transfer between your CIB accounts.
Bill payment and mobile recharge 
Credit Card payment information
Accounts and cards movements

Customers can add up to seven services on their favorites menu.
The steps to add a service to your favorite menu are as follows:

1- When successfully completing one of the above services, you will be given the option to set this transaction as a favorite.
2- During the following call, you will be able to press the hash key (#) to access your favorite menu once you successfully log in to the IVR self-service.

Quick Dialer Guide:
Account balance inquiry:
Kindly press 1 1 1
Card balance inquiry:
Kindly press 1 2 1

Account movement inquiry
Kindly press 1 1 1
Card movement inquiry
Kindly press 1 2 5
Card settlement
Kindly press 1 2 2
Bill payment:
Kindly press 1 4. Please note that OTP is required.
For technical support:
  Kindly press 3 3
IVR Self-Service
  1. Call 19666 
  2. Follow the menu prompts to access the Accounts and Cards menu
  3. Enter your active CIB debit or credit card number and PIN.
  4. Set your Phone Banking PIN.

Safety Tips

In order to obtain information on the products and services a given Customer is using, or to conduct any transactions, it is necessary to be verified using the automated attended IVR service.

The customer defines the PIN in the automatic IVR service, without the Customer Service Officers' participation.Only the customer knows his/her IVR PIN – during the verification process in the automatic IVR service, the customer types in, on the phone's keypad.These digits should not be disclosed to the Bank's personnel.

Please do not reveal your IVR PIN to any third parties. If, for some reason, your PIN has been disclosed, please block it immediately and select a new one by calling the CIB call center.

Customer Service:

With CIB Phone Banking, highly trained customer service representatives are always available to help you:

Activate your cards
Deactivate lost or stolen cards
Lodge complaints, requests, or inquiries
Arrange delivery appointments for plastic cards
Update your personnel information
Get informed on CIB’s latest products and offerings

CIB Acquiring  (Merchant support):

if you need assistance with your CIB POS or, want to apply for a new POS, please call our dedicated officers on CIB's acquiring line (00202) 24565999 available 24/7

Our officers can provide you a variety of services,including :

  • Handling merchants' complaints and inquiries
  • Manual authorization

and much more...

CIB Phone Banking Channels are  at your service 24/7, Just dial the following numbers:

  • CIB Call Center 19666
  •  International number (00202) 19666
  • Acquiring line (00202) 24565999

Terms and conditions apply.